Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Review

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

In Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, you pack your bags and set sail to the island of Gemea. An island filled with exotic flora and fauna, lush environment and a taint called the Murk. A stagnant island cancer, which in all honesty, the local populace couldn’t give a dam.

Wash ashore in a cave, with nothing but my torn clothes, a backpack, and a magical compass; My island adventure begins. My compass doesn’t point to either the true north or magnetic north or even to my heart desires, but it does point towards my life (quest) objective. How convenient. Look, there’s one right here in this very cave! And it points towards… a rock.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

I must have hit my head harder than I thought to have looking at a rock as my life objective. Might as well I touch it, it’s not every day I see the rock that shines with blue light in my life. *Poof* A magical creature appeared out of the rock. It’s a Sprite, a creature that has been thought to be extinct for a long time. Then again, it’s probably because I happen to be the rare few humans that could still see them.

Apparently, these little creatures are hiding all over the island and I’ve been asked to help find them. Only with their help am I able to clear away the Murk that’s blocking my path to exit the cave. Luckily, the level of contamination of the Murk in this cave is weak. A single Sprite is enough to clear it. I pick up the scattered rocks on the cave floor and the mushrooms that grow off its walls as I make my way to the exit. They may come in handy in my adventure later on. Out of the darkness and into the light. The sights I see the moment I left the cave can be described with one word, beautiful. It left me stunned.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

I just stood there for a full minute appreciating the scenery – despite being virtual – that lies before me. There’s a slope down that leads to the plains before me, but that wouldn’t be an exciting way to start. So I jumped, jumped off the edge. In the midst of my descent, my character pulls out an umbrella and use it as a parachute. My compass is pointing towards a small village in the distance, but my desire to explore tells me anywhere but the village. I scavenge the lands – collecting sticks, rocks and some treasure chest I find – for a good few minutes before deciding to head to the village.

The village, Fairmount, is one of the few remaining settlements that isn’t affected by the Murk. Though are buildings that have been affected by the murk and are left in ruins. I talked to the village chief and he told me to help the people around the area as a way to get myself familiar with my surroundings. He passed me some tools to help me get by with my life here in Gemea. I smashed some rocks and chopped down some trees as I walked towards the nearest village that needed help. An elderly chap that needed help in cutting down weed with a sickle. Probably due to his advanced age that he lacks the strength to cut weeds anymore. After helping the old chap, in a sassy tone, he mentions how he traded his strength for intelligence as he grows older. You cheeky dying pile of manure. At least I got to keep his sickle.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

I explore all the corners of my current region finding lost cats, hidden Sprites, plant sapling, Murk cleansing, gone fishing and most important of all, having my own farm – provided by the village chief after helping all the villagers in town. The village chief is kind enough to provide a few farm buildings to help me get started. Incidentally, I found my second Sprite that’s hiding in my new farm. I lay down the buildings that the village chief gave me some barn, a gardening plot, a tree plantation plot, a water, and food trough.  I’m able to relocate the buildings whenever I want but currently, space management isn’t my top priority.

I went back to the village to barter for some potato seeds. I trade them for quite an amount of both rocks and sticks. I considered it to be an investment, hoping that I could barter up my potatoes after they have fully grown. Another villager by the name of Bushel – mine soon to be hired farmhand – showed me the ropes on how to rear animals in my farm and also how to do crafting. After crafting some special seeds to get groffle back, I went out to find them. I befriended one by feeding them my specially crafted seed and lead it back to my farm. That’s how I tame and rear animals back to my farm. I expanded my farm a little bit with the produce that my farm produce to buy more farm buildings.  Once I have done all that I can in this region, I decided to move on with my life objective and explore a new region.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

More great sights to behold, a new settlement, cute animals and more Murk affected area to be cleansed. Guess this is to be expected, as I move from region to region. Make my way to the new region village and it seems that the value of wood is cheaper here as compared to the previous village. There’s a guild here that primarily focus on carpentry. Joining it would probably give me access to more crafting options and I hope it allows me to upgrade my farm. For once, I resisted the temptation to fully explore this region and focus on my life objective – locate the old kingdom. The objective lies in another region which can only be accessed by boat – for now. The ferry in this village is destroyed and in order to fix it, I need the help of the carpentry guild.

Off I went after fixing the ferry. I manage to locate the old kingdom, but that is not the only thing I’ve found. The entire kingdom is affected by Murk. Once a great and prosperous kingdom now lies in ruin. I have a massive hurdle at hand and I shall start by fixing up this gigantic tower, though it’s in ruin, it’s the only structure of the old kingdom that isn’t affected by the Murk. Time to go on an exploration adventure in this new region in search for the person capable of fixing the Cloud Catcher.

Personal Opinion

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicle is an adorable open world adventure exploration game. It rewards those who take their time to truly explore the island with beautiful scenery. There’re sights that are breathtaking depending on the time of the day and also those that give off the feeling of peace and serenity. There’s a seasonal change after a number of days and it makes me feel appreciated for the sights I see during the season.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

Interaction with the NPC is minimal. Aside from those that does trading or provide quest, most of them provide lore of the world or tips about rearing animals among other useful information. Most of them can be hired to work on your various farms except for key NPC. Communicating with them often lead to witty remarks or pun base jokes, which is something I found to be punny.

Just about everything is simple and easy to understand from its story to farm management. Once you have laid down your buildings, plant your crops and rear some animals, you’re free to roam around the island without needing to care for your farm. Although your farm can be a mess due to animal droppings, once a farmhand has been hired, you won’t be needing to clean up after your animals. I only return to collect the produce from my farms every now and then. There’s hardly any combat besides chopping down trees and smashing rocks or barrel with your mallet, which I find it to be surprising. Despite being able to craft a variety of items, there isn’t a way to rebuild the ruin buildings that is all over the region. I find this to be a little miss opportunity to make the world a bit more immersive.

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles | Prideful Sloth

Overall, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles is a relaxing game. It’s something which I go back to finish at my own pace after playing other games. Even then I don’t feel hurried to finish the story as I would spend most of the time exploring and discovering the wonderful sights the game has to offer. There isn’t any quick travel to a location, but there is a hub which allows you ‘quick’ travel from region to region. Access to these hubs is only available to those that discover them as they take their time to explore the region. The main story is quest very short. It is really very short and once you’re done with that, all that’s left is to clear every other side quest and discover the secrets the island have to offer.

When you’ve have done just that, what happen then. That my friends is the end of this adorable little chronicles.


It’s an enjoyable, relaxing exploration game to play as a break from your main game. Though it would be a little bit pricey as there isn’t much in the main story quest, but I would still be able to recommend this game anyway. To those who’re the type that ‘abandon’ the game the moment they have finish clearing the main story quest and not doing the side quest at all, my personal advice is to not get this game.

Platform: PC (Windows), PlayStation 4
Publisher: Prideful Sloth
Developer: Prideful Sloth
Rating: Great (77 out of 100)
Hours Played: 14hrs

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