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Wizard Of Legend Review

Water, earth, air, fire, and lightning. The five existing elements of arcana. You have signed up to participate in the Chaos Trials. A dungeon filled with various challenges that have been put forth by the Council of Magic. And within this trial, you must muster your mastery over the elements and triumph. For that is the path to be a Wizard Of Legend.

With nothing but a few freebie arcana, I head directly towards the dungeon. Moving from room to room, I mowed through the enemies with apparent ease. Or so I wish I had mowed through them with ease. It takes awhile to get the timing for the arcana spell and to recognize the enemy’s attack pattern. But when you’re being attacked by multiple enemies simultaneously, it’s normal to panic and forgets about their attack pattern.

The enemies drop gold upon death and the occasional magic shards. Not every room is filled with dangers. There are some that give you a moment to collect yourself. Friendly NPC can be found in these rooms. Some selling artifacts and arcana, and others a trade exchange. The one thing these rooms have in common is that you’re able to teleport straight to the boss room if you have already found one first.

Boss, I thought that would be a good way to describe the monster you need to kill before you’re allowed to go to the next floor. Boy, I was wrong. That was just a mini. The real boss lies on the 3rd floor, and this one packs a wallop.

Frost Queen Freiya
Wizard Of Legend
| Contingent99

Returning back to the hub area after the loss, I went and bought some artifacts and arcana with the magic shards. Hopefully, this artifact and arcana will help me on my next run.

Personal Opinion

Wizard Of Legend is a fast-paced action dungeon crawling game. It has a nice and simple to understand tutorial area that explains the world that you’re in.

Combat for Wizard Of Legend is fun, and there are a lot of spells for you to select (upon purchase) to form your own preferred fighting style. And my style of fighting is to go in and strike fast, and for defense, a tornado of wind. Blocking all incoming projectiles and shredding every enemy within its radius.

Wizard Of Legend | Contingent99

There are 10 floors for you to crawl through before you can declare yourself a Wizard of Legend. With every 3 floors being cleared, there will be an increase in difficulty. It isn’t a gradual increase in difficulty, but it’s not a spike either. The enemy has more attack pattern to unleash upon you. It would take some time to get used to the new attack pattern. And once you do, it’s not that difficult to avoid it.

One would expect that a dungeon crawling game would have a lot of enemies to fight, along with its other variations. Sadly, this game doesn’t have that many. The number of enemy types in this game has, can be counted with a single hand. And of each of them roughly 6 different palette swap. 3 of which is of a different element, and the other 3 have a different number of attack pattern.

Fighting with the normal dungeon enemy is lackluster, but the fight with the dungeon boss is fun and thrilling. Each of them truly shows that they have mastery over their preferred element and have distinct personality through their attacks and limited dialogue. A momentary lapse in concentration, will spell out your death or taking hits that can be avoided.

Wizard Of Legend | Contingent99

The only gripe I have about this game is that there isn’t any description of the things you want to buy. You would only find out the effect of the things you bought after purchase.


A good fast-paced dungeon crawling game that relies on skill and precision. If it’s too hard to clear it alone, you can do so with a partner.

Platform: Pc (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, SteamOs)
Publisher: Contingent99
Developer: Contingent99
Rating: Good (70 out of 100)
Hours Played: 8.2hrs

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