What I’ve Been Up to?

Decided to make a segment entailing what I’ve been up to for the past week. This segment will be mostly about game related stuff or things I find interesting to share with to my readers.

20171101183441_dwfwefGrim Dawn | Crate Entertainment

First up, finally finish the base game for Grim Dawn and it took me around 45 hours to complete it. Spend some more time touching its higher difficulty and about an hour or two in its Ashes of Malmouth Expansion before starting to write up a review for it. For those who haven’t read it, you can read it here. A small reminder to my readers if you’re getting Grim Dawn, don’t forget to get the Ashes of Malmouth expansion as you can’t play with others that own the expansion when you don’t have one yourself.

Battlefield 1 is on sale the past week and I got myself a copy of it. Bought the Revolution pack. It contain the season pass, all the DLC that’s been released the past year and a decent amount of Battlepack – Battlefield 1 version of loot boxes – that contain cosmetic skins of in game weapons and vehicles. It’s a great purchase if I could say so myself.

After finishing writing the review of Grim Dawn, the next title I have in mind is called Icey. It was on sale last month on steam and it’s a game that’s been on my wishlist since its released. You may expect a review of it coming in a few days time.

More importantly, let me know on how’s your week being going along the past week my  readers and I’ll see you on the battlefield.

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