What I’ve Been Up To?

Another week gone by since I first started this segment and I would like my readers to know that it is great. How about you tell me what have you been up to?

20171115144629_1Transistor | Supergiant Games

Shortly after my previous segment of ‘What I’ve Been Up To?’, I have began on working on the review for the game call Icey. If you guys haven’t read it yet you can read it over here.┬á I’m currently replaying the game call Transistor and it’s review will be up in a few days time.

I mention that I bought Battlefield 1 during the previous week and it’s a blast. Among all the battlefield games that I have played, I would say I like this one the most. Primarily because of it’s bayonet charge mechanic. I love it. The scream when your character sprinting forwards, stabbing unsuspecting soldier or just right into the enemy in front of you. Been bayonet charging recklessly all over the battlefield and I’ve been successful -at times – with my courageous action.

To those that have steam, I’m sure you would probably have heard that Endless Space 2 is currently free to play this weekend. It’s the perfect time to test the game and see if its to your liking. I have played it’s first game, Endless Space, and it’s not a bad space 4X game, but after playing Amplitude 2nd game, Endless Legend, Endless Space is not as compelling as Endless Legend.

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