Void Raiders Review- Devoid Of Skills Required

Void Raiders Review

If you’re sensitive to rapid flashing of lights and it may lead to epileptic seizure or any other health disorders, stop reading right here. Don’t proceed on reading any longer and trust me when I say do not get Void Raiders. It is for your own good.

I’ve played numerous of games, some of which mention after the game being launched, it contains flashes of lights or light patterns and for your personal health, do proceed with caution. Even then, the amount of flashing light occurred only a handful of times such as during a cut-scene or a big explosion. But in this game, the flashing light occurs whenever your character takes damage and should you receive continuous damage, the flash occurs rapidly. And it’s the entire monitor screen will flash. This is the first for me to experience a headache from it. Now that you’ve been warned, let’s proceed.

Void Raider | Tryzna83

Void Raiders is a top-down shoot them up or shmup rogue-lite game, set in a sci-fi theme. There’s nothing to write home about in regards to both its art and sound. It’s neither horrendous nor pleasing. It’s just bland. Just like all rogue-lite games, every level is randomly generated, so does the reward for clearing the level. The defeated enemies will drop money, ammo, health kits or various parts that are used to upgrade your character.

There are 3 characters to choose from. Each has their own unique set of skill trees and there are 2 sets of it. With a maximum level cap of 10, it’s possible to fully use the skills points for a single tree with a few points to spare for the other. Every character has their own special ability and play style, a dual welding smg user, assault rifle wielder and a close combat specialist. Among the 3, my personal favorite is the dual wielding smg user. Why? It’s because she’s dual wielding a smg, that is it. And I think that it is cool.

Every level has its own theme design and unique enemies, but when you encounter the same level again, a new type of enemy is being introduced. Every level has a chance to enter a special area that appears on that very same level, provided you’re able to cough up the resources needed to enter the area. To proceed to the next level, you must complete the task at hand and most of the time, it’s about collecting resources. The same resources needed to be spent in order to enter the special area. After several levels, you will encounter a boss level.

Void Raider | Tryzna83

There’s no fixed difficulty level to select other than as the time progresses, it’s gets harder.

Personal Opinion

When I mention harder, it does not get more challenging in terms of skill required, but how lucky you are. The enemy hit harder and more enemies are being spawned. There isn’t a fixed number of enemies spawn in every level, they keep on spawning sporadically endlessly. And they spawn on all sides. You feel like you’re playing a bullet hell game when you’re under siege from all sides. There are times where you might get spawn camp. When you enter a new level, you are already besieged on all sides and you’re the target in a shooting gallery.

The boss fight isn’t enjoyable. It’s not a 1v1 scenario where it’s just you and the boss. Putting your wit and skill to the test. It’s a fight between you, the boss and the endless spawn of minions. Even with a max level character, it’s a tedious battle to fight with the first boss. There isn’t much variety of missions either. It’s kill mission (when you enter a special area on a level) or collect resource mission. It can get pretty boring pretty quickly.

For a shoot them up game, one would think that you would get to play with a lot of interesting guns. You don’t. What you got at the start, is what you get until the end. The credits earned from the enemies allows you to buy artifacts. You can buy them after you cleared a level or those that appear on the level at random. Those that appear on the level is randomized so you won’t know what you purchase until you purchase them, unlike the one after you cleared a level. Artifacts that appear after clearing the special area are generally better, but most of them are generic item that provides a boost in stats for your run. Nothing too fancy.

Void Raider | Tryzna83

I mentioned earlier that enemies can drop various parts and these parts are needed to upgrade your gear. To obtain them, you are needed to enter the special area and kill the enemies there. Even then the drop rate of those parts is minuscule and if you are lucky they will drop those parts. Gathering enough parts to upgrade your level 1 gear requires you to enter the special area multiple times as you won’t be able to complete gather the required amount within 2 or 3 runs. There are 3 different gears to upgrade and the number of different parts drop by those special area enemies correlates to your number of gears. With that in mind, one can expect this to be a grindy game. Oh, before I forget, the gears aren’t shared between your 3 playable characters. So it’s an extremely grindy game.


I wouldn’t be able to recommend this game for two reasons. For your own personal health – if you can’t stand rapid flashing of lights – and it’s a tedious game. Tedious in a way that it’s neither compelling or enjoyable to go through the game.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Publisher: Tryzna83
Developer: Tryzna83
Rating: Poor (48 out of 100)
Hours: 2.2hrs

This game key is provided by the courtesy of the developer through Steam Curator Connect.

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