Transistor Review

Transistor Review

Welcome to Cloudbank. A city in Transistor that’s so sci-fi and democratic, that the building design, colours, and the city’s weather can be changed by a voting system through the OVC Terminal. It also provides updates on the events that are happening within the city.

You will be playing as Red, Cloudbank top contemporary artist for 5 years. Her work is so famous that you will be able to hear her music along the street of Cloudbank as you’re walking through the city sometimes. My personal favourite work of hers are In Circles and We Are One. It’s no wonder that she is Cloudbank top artist for 5 years.

You are not a fighter. This is made ever so clear with the way she treats her sword, the Transistor, as you make your way around the city. Her Transistor, however, grants her the capability to perform short burst of Function – the game equivalent to a skill – to defend yourself from The Process. They are a legion of robots that help build the city of Cloudbank, but now, they are killing her citizens and you are not an exception.

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With the Transistor at hand, you have a fighting chance to fend yourself from The Process. Combat with The Process is done either in real time or pseudo-turn based by using Turn(). Turn() is an ability from the Transistor that enables you to plan out your actions, movement and Functions included, while freezing every enemy in the area as you’re carrying out your Turn(). There’s a limit to how many actions can be carried out. Every Function has its own planning cost and its effective range will be shown and moving too have its cost. You’re able to execute your action, even if the total planning cost doesn’t hit its limits. Upon execution, your Turn() will end and all the actions that you’ve planned during Turn() will be executed in your sequential order.

Frozen enemies will begin to move, albeit in slow motion as you move around in twice then her normal speed to execute your actions. It will take awhile as your planning bar replenish itself to full before you can execute Turn(). Till then, all execution of Function are occurring in real time and there’s cooldown upon usage.

Numerous famous or (in)famous citizens of Cloudbank will be encountered along the way, but they aren’t at their peak condition. By interacting with them, you will be able to transfer their subconscious into the Transistor. This allows you to gain new Function to install in the Transistor. The Function can be installed either as your primary slot, secondary slot or passive slot. By installing it in the primary slot, the Function acts as your active skill. In the secondary slot, however, the Function serves as a compliment to the Function in the primary slot. Installing it in the passive slot will grant Red an overall boost.

Transistor | Supergiant Games

There are many Functions to obtain hence, there are many multiple possible combinations of Function build. You just need to build it to suit your play style. Every Function has its own memory cost to install and the amount of Memory The Transistor has at the start is small. As the Transistor gain in level, more slots will be unlocked, gain new Functions and even Memory space.

To install your newly gain Functions, you would need to interact with an Access Point. This also acts as a save point, checkpoints and re-spawn point upon death. Accessing this point allows you to install Limiters. Installing them will either restrain yourself or buff up your enemies. By doing so, you will gain more experience after every combat. This is the only to affect the ‘difficulty’ of this game.

After you have completed the game, you’re able to rerun through it again from the start, but this time, will all your Function and character level. This next run is called Recursion.

Personal Opinion

Only about a year or so after its initial release that I’d gotten myself this game. A good half an hour into it and I fell in love. Hard. I dedicated myself for the next few days over what little spare time that I had then tried to finish the game. And when I do, I wasn’t satisfied with finishing the story just once. I head back into the game with the mindset of unlocking every single achievement there is to unlock. As of this post, I’m running through Cloudbank again for the 2nd Recursion.

Transistor is an isometric single player story game with a combination of action RPG and tactical maneuver. It’s beautifully hand drawn art have left me astounded and makes me scour every corner of the area before proceeding to the next one. The music in this game is amazing to the point where I would just stop to listen. Thankfully, there’s a jukebox within the game and it allows you to select the soundtrack that you have unlocked. I have spent a few hours just listening to it and not playing the game with the jukebox. To unlock the soundtrack, all you have to do is to complete a set of challenges.

Transistor | Supergiant Games

The story is well written and I felt a sense of lost upon completion. It compels me to play Recursion. Even though I have completed the story once, the amazing soundtrack, artwork, and the voice actors doesn’t make the second playthrough to be stale. At the end of it, it brought a smile to my face.

The only gripe that I have is that the story is short, but is it good? Yes.


Transistor is an amazing single player story game coupled with an amazing art, soundtrack and voice actor. It’s a must have everyone.

Platform: PC(Windows, Linux) Playstation 4, iOS
Publisher: Supergiant Games
Developer: Supergiant Games
Rating: Amazing (94 out of 100)
Hours Played: 25hrs

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