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They Are Billions Early Access Review

They Are Billions is an Early Access RTS game about building a colony all the while fighting to survive the hordes of zombies coming to destroy all that you have built. It’s not an easy game and it’s a brutal one for sure. I too have my fair share of defeats and with every defeat, it compels me to strive and perform better until eventually, I taste that delicious fruit of sweet victory.

May this handful of tips be of use to you and help to improve your gameplay.

The ability to stop time.

Did you know that you can stop the clock just by pressing the space bar button? Alright, you may be snorting at me for mentioning this, but I assure you there are players out there doesn’t know of this function.

Knowing that you’re able to pause the game is incredibly useful even right off the bat. As you’re able to take stock of your surroundings and plan ahead on how to place down your structures and where to extend. This is especially useful when your units are fighting as it helps you to micromanage to certain extend. Any attacks that are committed are also ‘frozen’ until time resume back to normal, allowing you ‘dodge’ certain enemy attacks.

Resource refund for demolishing building are at 100% when the game is paused and this applies only to newly place building that haven’t start its construction.

Make a squad.

Speaking of micromanaging, you are able to group your units together with the Ctrl + X, with X being the keys from 1-8. This allow you to group your units together to form a squad. To select all of the same unit, just double click it. The number of units selected doesn’t include the units that are inside the towers and only those that are within your screen. So if you zoom out to the maximum, you’re able to select every unit of that same type on the map.

Know your men.

Battles aren’t won by tools, they are won by men.

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With that being said, it’s vital to know the capability of your men in terms of combat potential. The ranger is the fastest unit at your disposal and the only ‘stealth’ unit. It may be the fastest unit at your disposal, it’s not the fastest unit in the game. The fastest unit goes to the harpy, it can outrun your ranger and can slay your ranger outright in a 1v1 fight.

The marine is an all rounder versatile unit, with no real strength or weakness.

The sniper has the longest range in your disposal and can one shot most zombie except for the most tankiest of them all.

The Lucifer is the only unit at your disposal that can’t shoot through walls. It does burn damage in a cone and burns the zombie over time.

The Thanatos is the only unit that deal splash damage, think of it as an artillery unit. It’s the most loudest unit so it will definitely attract the horde attention because of that.

The Titan, your most powerful unit available and it can target multiple zombie at once. The most coolest unit in your army.

Don’t forget to set your priority target and my recommendation would be to set it to the most dangerous.

Pile them right up to the sky.

It’s always good to have a surplus of resources, be it food, electricity or raw materials. By having surplus you’re able to build more and expand faster without waiting for the resources to come in. With that in mind, it’s good to build several warehouses as it increases the maximum number of raw resources you can stockpile and also boost all production buildings near its vicinity. If you’re extremely lucky, you might be able to get a mayor that provides a flat increase of 50 additional resources stored per warehouse built.

The right man in the wrong place does make a difference.

To know the importance of a vote is to know the impact that individual will have towards your society or for this game, the survival of your colony. I recommend selecting a mayor that provides an increase that have a permanent impact to your colony over everything else, such as new research or increase electricity generated by power plant by 20% etc.

Turtle up!

At the initial stage, its best to wall up your entire parameters! This is to set up an ‘alert’ system as when the wall is being attacked, you will get a prompt by the system. This allows you to redirect your unit to the location where the zombie is attacking your wall. It’s a costly expenditure to set up at the start, but trust me, it provides a peace of mind in the long run as you won’t get a surprise infection outbreak from an unspotted zombie attack.

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Expand, explore, exploit, exterminate!

After walling up your parameters, you’re ready to expand your colony. Always be building those tents and other resource production building if possible. Explore towards the unknown, hopefully coming across a major resource for you to exploit and also exterminate any zombie you see along the way. By thinning out the zombie on the map, you’re actually thinning out the final amount of zombie that will come charging at you on the final wave. As on the last wave, every wondering zombie that you do not cleared on the map, even those in the zombie cities, will come knocking on your wall.

Know your limits.

You can’t expand all the way to the corner of the map as it doesn’t allow you to build anything there. Best to recognize a defensive line that’s to your advantage and stop expanding. You may have more space to build your buildings if you expand some more, but the response time it takes to to move your units from the northern defensive wall to the southern defensive wall will be slow.

The great colonial wall.

Double wall is great, but 4 layers of walls are even better! After recognizing your defensive line, built 4 layers of wall. Your barista tower can hit enemies over the 4 layers of wall and your range unit in the wooden/stone wall can hit them too. You may only build two layers of wall so there will be a space in between the two layer of walls. You may place spike traps there if you wish. Though I won’t recommend that to be a priority as it take too much resources to build on all the gap between your wall.

And from the ashes, a Phoenix will rise!

It’s okay to lose. It took myself a couple of tries before I finally beat the first map. From every loses, I learn and improve myself for the next game and optimized it. Did I expand too fast? Lack of resource to get the defenses up and running? Whatever it is, enjoy the game even if it lead to your defeat. As when you do win, the taste of it is ever so sweet!

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