They Are Billions Early Access Review – A Zombie RTS Survival Game

They Are Billions Early Access Review

I remember the times when zombie games come out a few years back, and it was the craze back then. As the years go by, the hype for zombie game slowly diminished until that theme is being mixed in with an open world survival genre and its hype went back up again. I too enjoyed myself playing it, such as Dayz and 7 Days To Die, questioning and challenging myself if I can survive in zombie-infested land and for how long. I can survive, but most of my death in such game is caused by other players instead. Due to that, I got bored of playing such games. And here comes They Are Billions. Here take a look.

It’s an interesting one ain’t it. A steampunk post-apocalypse zombie real-time strategy game. Watch the trailer once and I bought the game almost immediately, as I waited until the Steam Christmas sale appears to see if it’s possible to get the game at an even greater discount. The game is currently an Early Access and one of the few that I can’t wait for an official release. There’s not much content at the moment, only survival mode, and quite a decent number of bugs. This much is expected for an Early Access title though as more content can be expected as time goes by and lesser bugs. Hopefully.

They Are Billions | Numantian Games

The objective of the game is simple, survive for as long as possible. You start off with an HQ, a couple of units and a few resources. The kind of land you get at the start can effect on how you would go about on placing your building for optimal efficiency. Gather resources, expand your colony and research technology in order to survive in this post-apocalypse zombie infested land. Build walls around your colony and defend your HQ from the incoming zombie horde that comes in waves. Survive the game, let’s you unlock a new map to play on provided that you meet the minimum score survival requirement upon surviving.


They Are Billions is an Early Access game that is worth looking at and getting once it’s out from Early Access. For those that want to get it during Early Access, be aware that bugs and crashes are expected for an Early Access game.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Publisher: Numantian Games
Developer: Numantian Games
Rating: Great (84 out of 100)
Hours Played: 43h

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