The Long Journey Home Review – Literally

The Long Journey Review

In The Long Journey Home, it makes me wonder. Are we alone in this universe or is there other intelligent beings living among the stars. Either answer, it’s frightening. As mankind dabbled in the idea of the possibility and means of terraforming our neighbouring planet, Mars, we are left to our own imagination of possible life form in other media.

A crew of 4 is needed to man the Daedalus-7 and there are 10 candidates to choose from. Each of them has their own specialty and personal gear to bring along for the mission. Malcolm is a competent pilot, whereas Alessandra is a good shipwreck salvager. As to who is the best or ideal crew member, it’s a tough choice to make from these pool of capable individual.

The Long Journey Home, crew selection
The Long Journey Home | Daedelic Studio West

As your spaceship depart from Earth and head towards Mars, you will learn how to navigate through space and control your craft. Trying to get into the planet orbit takes practice and it won’t be long before you find the trick to it. Do refrain yourself from diving straight to the planet itself, as it won’t do any good to your ship integrity.

While in orbit, you’re able to see the information about the planet. But seeing that Mars is nothing but a refueling point for your ship, it serves as a simple landing mission for you to learn the lander controls. The gravitational pull of the planet affects your vertical velocity, and the atmospheric turbulence affects horizontal movement. On Mars, its gravity is stronger than Earth and has close to nill atmospheric turbulence. This makes the planet a perfect place to practice the lander. As the amount of information you get in relevant to Mars planetary status, it’s a foreshadow to future planet encounter with harsher conditions.

The Long Journey Home, Planet Stats
The Long Journey Home | Daedelic Studio West

Now that you’re fully stocked, you’re ready to begin your mission – test drive the jump drive to Alpha Centauri and come back. You start your jump drive and jump! Wait a minute, this isn’t Alpha Centauri. You are currently lost in an unknown part of space. But one thing is certain, you’re a long way from home.

Personal Opinion

If there’s somewhere inside of you wondering that The Long Journey Home is 100% scientifically accurate, is like believing the Earth is flat. And no, the Earth is not flat. Neither did I get a nasty surprise upon returning back to Earth – that it becomes flat. If it did, I’d rather have my team lost in space and never return.

The Long Journey Home sells itself as a space survival exploration game. With an endless space to explore along with stories hidden in the universe. Make friends and enemies with different alien race as you make your way back home. It’s a nice selling point for those who would like a different take in the surviving exploration genre.

The Long Journey Home | Daedelic Studio West

The universe is procedurally generated. The only thing that’s fixed is that home is on the other side of the universe. Anything can happen along the way, pirate raids, salvaging shipwrecks, bounty hunting or even visiting an alien brothel. Provided that you’re able to find it. As for me, I got lucky. And I’m not the only one that has gotten lucky.

Now, there are a lot of random encounters and events waiting to take place in the universe. And that’s where the replayability value lies, along with reselecting your 4 crewmates amount the 10 potential candidates. It makes your next run fresh as you won’t know what you’ll encounter. But if you keep on using the same world seed or in this case, universe seed, those varying variables is no longer random. It is fixed, you just need to remember them. One thing is for sure, the Mizurani will find you. You can’t run from destiny.

The ambient music in The Long Journey Home is pretty immersive. It lets you feel the scope of the universe and how puny your existence compared to it.

The Long Journey Home is a difficult game to survive, even on normal difficulty. I’ve tried multiple runs on normal difficulty and I’ve yet to travel halfway across the universe. Before I could travel to another galaxy, half of my crew is dying and my ship is battered. Only by playing on easy difficulty was I able to make it back home.

The controls for this game seem simple enough to understand on the surface. But as you manoeuvre your lander during planetary landing, it can be easily frustrating. If you’re someone who gets angry or frustrated easily, I highly recommend not getting this game. The impulse to smash things is real. It is not easy to control the lander movement even on a low-risk planet. You will damage your lander even if you don’t plan on doing so, such as smashing it against the planet surface, bumping into small hills or make a hard landing on the surface. It’s even harder to control on a planet with higher gravity and strong turbulence. One of the characters, Malcolm, has better piloting stats(hidden) as compared to the others. Even that it doesn’t help to offset the controls.

The Long Journey Home, Planet Landing
The Long Journey Home | Daedelic Studio West

Is it possible to avoid making planetary landing? Not entirely. As you need to collect minerals and metal to sustain your ship, and these can be found on the planet surface. It is used to refuel your ship, repair your ship integrity and fuel up your jump drive. It’s hard to avoid making landfall. The act of going to a planet surface to harvest metals and minerals is unenjoyable. From this, I finally know why other players are unhappy with it. It’s unrewarding and you may end up causing more damage to your lander than you can to repair its hull.

From the title itself, we both know how The Long Journey Home end. And in that regard, there isn’t much of a story. Though there are times where you will get quest along the way or bounty mission to do. I find them to be troublesome to do. As most of the time, the objective location requires you to go back to where you came from. And the reward for completing said action doesn’t compensate you enough for your trouble. Honestly, I just want to go back home and be done with this.

The Long Journey Home. Reach Back Home
The Long Journey Home | Daedelic Studio West


I would recommend getting The Long Journey Home when it’s having a massive discount. It’s difficult controls, and lack of a compelling event or story isn’t worth its asking price.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Publisher: Daedalic Studio West
Developer: Daedalic Entertainment
Rating: Good (62 out of 100)
Hours Played: 11.8hrs

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