The Flame In the Flood Review – After The Rain, Comes the Sun

The Flame In The Flood Review

Good things don’t last forever, the same goes for the bad. The world in The Flame In The Flood had plunged into what seems to be an everlasting torrential rain, resulting in a massive flood. A flood so massive that the mainland has become nothing more than many tiny little islands that are isolated from each other.

You’re playing as a girl named Scout, one of the few survivors left in this world. As you were warming up by yourself beside a campfire, a seemingly random dog approach you with a backpack. You welcomed its company and took a look inside the backpack. Filled with simple supplies and a radio, you set out together with your newly found companion, searching for a higher ground. In the hopes of catching a stronger signal and the message that the radio trying to convey.

Sailing through on a never-ending river with your makeshift raft, you pass by many little islands along the way. Islands that is filled with supplies to scavenge, both natural and man-made. The only physical danger you will encounter as you scavenge the island is its wildlife. Boars that will charge straight at you and wolves that enjoy hunting live prey. You will learn that men are no longer at the top of the food chain in this devastated world.

The Flame In The Flood | The Molasses Flood

Yet at the same time, with the right tools crafted, the hunter has become the hunted. Despite not having the strength of a bear or speed of a charging boar, men are at the top of the food chain due to our wit and ingenuity. Allowing you to once again claim the throne. Hunting down these dangerous wildlife rewards you with both food and hide. The hide allows you to craft better tools or clothes that will help you stay warm during the night.

As you travel to various islands, you may encounter other survivors such as yourself. They provide slight lore of the world you are in and the events that occur, whereas some provide you items freely or you need to barter. In this devastated world, it’s nice to know that’s there still good people out there that’s willing to help others.

The Flame In The Flood | The Molasses Flood

Death is a part of the life cycle and there are various ways to die in this game. Death by hunger, thirst, injury, fatigue, and drowning. Other than injuries, all the other cause of death is due to one’s negligence. Every death is a learning experience on how to survive better for the next run.

Personal Opinion

The Flame In The Flood is a rogue-lite survival game which core components to be both survival and crafting. There’s a lot of items that can be crafted to aid in your survival. From various food and drink to keep yourself healthy to various traps and tools to help you hunt wildlife. Even if you were to die, the item that’s being placed under your companion inventory slot will be brought forward to your next run. This allows you to have better chances in surviving.

The Flame In The Flood | The Molasses Flood

Among all the rogue-lite game I have played so far, this is the most casual and relaxing among them. I enjoy the soundtrack the most every time I sail down the river. It’s calm and relaxing to listen to as you avoid the various debris so your raft won’t sink.

The game requires the player to be constantly making split-second decision. From avoiding the debris as you sail through both calm and rapid waters of the river to deciding which island to visit. There’s different kinds of island along the river and depend on which island you go to, the chance of seeing a certain kind of item is higher on this island than the other. An island with a clinic has more and guaranteed medical supplies as compared to the other islands.

There’s an Endless mode for the players to play, should they enjoy listening to the game soundtrack as you make your way down the river. It’s an endless river where only death is waiting for you at the end.


The Flame In The Flood is an enjoyable and relaxing rogue-lite game for those that enjoy playing this kind of niche. For those that’s looking for a casual, relaxing game with good OST, this game is for you too.

Platform: PC (Windows, MacOs), Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Publisher: The Molasses Flood
Developer: The Molasses Flood
Rating: Great (79 out of 100)
Hours Played: 13hrs

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