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Battletech Guide

BattleTech Guide : Logistic Management

I enjoyed playing BattleTech, and after putting close to a hundred hour into the game, I’ve decided to make a guide. I hope this logistic guide will help in your BattleTech playthrough. If you haven’t read my review for Battletech, you can read them here. This is a guide that focuses on keeping your monthly upkeep as low as possible and touch upon logistic matters such as contract, mechwarrior and

Battletech Review

BattleTech Review – A MechWarrior Legend

Other than knowing I have played a game called MechWarrior Online for a brief period of time, I know next to nothing in regards to the universe the game is set in or any of its franchise. But I do know what I love. Giant robots, a good story, strategy, and management games. Battletech have all of that what I love, and it is great. You’re the commander of a