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Super Dungeon Tactics

I wasn’t a fan of board games to begin with. My knowledge of board game is limited only to The Game of Life or Monopoly – and its crap ton of other variants. As I grow up, that knowledge stays with me since my childhood as whenever I go to a toy store, I would always see either of those two board games. A few years back, my online comrades decided to have an offline meet up over a board game session. I didn’t have much expectation for it, but nonetheless, I’m keen to meet up with them for the first time. And boy was I surprised.

It wasn’t Monopoly or The Game of Life. It was Super Dungeon Explore. A board game title I never heard before. My board game world opened up. Now back to the present, Super Dungeon Tactics can also be described as a digital version of Super Dungeon Explore. The difference between the two is that Super Dungeon Tactics is a single player experience. I won’t be describing what’s Super Dungeon Explore about nor comparing it Super Dungeon Tactics. As this is not the objective of the review.

It all began with a small group of adventurer helping a forest village that’s being harassed by a small group of kobolds. Unable to ignore the plight of the villagers, the adventurers lend a hand in the situation. Knowing that their small numbers won’t be able to a handle bigger troublesome situation in the future, they decide to found a guild in the village. As the story progressed, many adventurers from far and wide join the guild. The original number grow from 4 to double digits. Giving you a variety of adventurers to select from before starting your quest.

Various quests can be selected, and more will be made available after clearing the story quest. The number of the party members accepting the quest is depending on the stated max limit, but at the bare minimum 1 adventurer is needed before starting the quest. You may retrofit your adventurers with the loot obtained from defeated enemies. From weapons and armor to various trinkets. The total level of your equipment will be the level of your adventurer. The difficulty of the quest can be selected before starting the quest and the tougher the quest is, the higher the chances of better loot will be dropped.

Super Dungeon Tactics | Underbite Games

The field at which the fight took place varies in size, but most of the time it’s a big map. Giving both you and your enemies a lot of space to move around. Just like in the board game, both adventurers and the enemies move in turn. And when it’s your turn to move, you may select any adventurer to move. It takes roughly 15-20 minutes to finish a quest, but the main story quest may take longer as there may have multiple encounters in that 1 quest. Once it’s over, go back to the tavern and check out on the new quest and newly obtained loot.

Personal Opinion

The story for Super Dungeon Tactics is a linear experience, but depending on who you bring out to progress the story quest, the conversation between the party members differs. Ultimately, the objective is the same. Through the conversation, it shows that each of the adventurers has their own personality. That is something which I find to be enjoyable to read. Sadly, there is no form of voice actor in the game to enjoy listening to. In the long run, I find this to be very dry.

Super Dungeon Tactics | Underbite Games

Trinkets is shared between all the adventurers along with weapons and armours, though they are restricted to which equipment they can use. This allows the player to swap equipment around before the quest start, giving a bit of flexibility in selecting which adventurers to undertake the quest. Making an all range party or melee party is a possibility, but what the heck right? No regrets.

What is a board game without rolling a dice even if it’s digital. The number of dice you rolled is equivalent to the number of adventurers in the party. And I find it interesting that depending on the equipment of your adventurers, the surface of the dice and the number of sides it has is being affected. If the adventurer is deck out with damage boost, healing, and damage reduction, there’s a chance to roll either one of the options on the dice. In a sense, your rolls can be centered around dishing out additional damage or providing better sustainability. The downside of this is that, if the enemy has an early initiative than you, they can make use of your dice instead of their own. And most of the time, the enemy dice is bad for your adventurers to use. The early bird gets the worm or in this case, the early picker gets the better dice.

Super Dungeon Tactics | Underbite Games

The art style is similar to its tabletop counterpart and it has a decent music to listen during the quest. If there’s an improvement I can hope for, is to give the players the ability to save in the middle of a fight. You’re only able to save after the battle is over or back in the tavern. To not be able to save in the middle of a fight is a luxury I hope the Developers will implement.


This would be a good match for those who enjoy playing Super Dungeon Explore or keen into the world of board games. Bare in mind that there are no voice actors.

Platform: Pc (Windows, Mac Os x), Xbox One
Publisher: Underbite Games
Developer: Underbite Games
Rating: Good (68 out of 100)
Hours Played: 16hrs

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