Stardew Valley: Cork Bobber Or Trap Bobber

I have reached the point in Stardew Valley where it is time for me to catch all of the legendary fish in order for me to get that sweet sweet 100% achievement. So I asked uncle G(oogle) about which is a better tackle to use for fishing in Stardew Valley, the trap bobber or the cork bobber. 

Surprisingly enough, I could not find the answer I was looking for. All I found was an explanation on what each of the bobber does, but not which bobber is more suited for me. Needless to say, I crafted both of the bobber and went fishing to test both of the bobbers myself. 

And to that end, I was able to find the answer I was looking for and I now have the answer to your question, which bobber is better suited for you to use for fishing those legendary fish in Stardew Valley.

All you gotta do is to take my very simple questionnaire and you will be set to start fishing for those legendary fish.

Q.1 Do you believe that your reaction speed is above the average gamers?


Q.2 Are you able to recognise a certain set of patterns when it’s being displayed?


Now, if your answer to both questions is yes, then the bobber for you to use is the cork bobber. And if your answer to both questions is no, then the bobber for you to use is the trap bobber. If you had a mixture of yes and no for both questions, what’s the bobber for you to use you might ask. To that question, my recommendation would be the trap bobber.

What’s the reasoning behind my questionnaire and how have I arrive at the conclusion on which bobber is best for you, you might wonder. The answer lies within the item usage.


A cork bobber increases the green slider bar when you fish. The bigger the slider, the more time the fish will be within it before you need to move the slider and follow the fish. Hence, by having a great reaction and able to discern the fish movement pattern, a cork bobber will benefit you.

The trap bobber, on the other hand, reduces the rate of decay of the ‘catch’ bar. The reduced rate of decay allows you to have more time to collect yourself and stay focus on catching the fish. So if you have an average reaction and unable to discern the fish movement pattern, a trap bobber is better for you.

All in all, if one bobber doesn’t work for you try out the other. And as to which bobber I’m using to get my legendary fish in Stardew Valley? That would be the trap bobber. I find that using the trap bobber is less stressful than the cork bobber. Besides, fishing should relieve stress and not create it.

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