Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale Review

Ever wanted to run your own small establishment and being able to directly haggle with your customers? Going out on an adventure to dangerous dungeon and fill up your shop with your findings? Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is the game for you.

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Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is a tale of a girl, Recette, who have inherited the legacy of being in debt from her father; who has disappeared into parts unknown. Lucky for her, she also inherited the house of her father after he skipped town. In order to repay back the debt, the loan-shark turn companion, Tear, propose to Recette to turn her house into an item shop. Or else the house will serve as a collateral and she will start living in a box, a cardboard box.

Tear serve as a mentor during the first week upon the opening of the shop, instructing Recette the basics of the trade. Hoping that she can earn enough to pay the initial fee of the debt for the week. As the day’s progress, you will learn other concepts such as advance orders or lack of raw material and the amount that she has to pay back every week increases by a staggering amount each week.

To accept or not to accept
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

Don’t worry wondering if you’re going to spend the rest of your life trying to clear the debt. With Tear by your side, she has calculated that you would be able to live a life clear of debt within a few weeks. Should you fail, the game will restart back to the first week – though thankfully, your character progression will be brought over, making your second loop of your first playthrough easier.

Located in a town that’s situated right next to a dungeon, there’s never an opportunity to not make money. The most important aspect in making money is to optimize the way time is being spent during the day. The day itself is divided into 4 different segments, morning, noon, evening and night. And certain action or interaction can only be performed at a certain segment. You may stock up your wares or went dungeon exploring during the day and opening your shop or visit the pub that only open at night. At the end of it, it’s about balancing your time – from going dungeon exploring to inventory stocking and opening your shop.

Guild Card
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

Before you’re able to dive into a dungeon, you must first befriend an adventurer. The adventurer would be at your beck and call when you’d like to head down to the dungeon. The cost required to hire the adventurer varies from one another and each has their own strength and weaknesses. Any treasure chest that’s been found or loot that the monster drop upon death will be yours to keep, and you can sell those back in your shop.

Your adventurer buddies may occasionally buy equipment from your shop therefore upgrading them permanently. With this, you’ll have more bag space to bring back loot from the dungeon instead of bringing equipment to loan to your adventurer.

Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

From weapons to armors, confectionery to treasures, there’s a lot of items to put up for sale in your shop. People from all walks of life will patronize the shop, including your adventuring buddies. And each of these individuals has their own purchasing power, so an item may be cheap to one but it can be expensive for another. These individuals may occasionally sell you various items at a price that can be cheaper than your supplier. Except for this one individual. What’s a shop management game without someone trying to sell you an item at a ridiculous markup price.

As your merchant level increase, you’ll gain access to higher tier item and able to decorate your shop. Hate a certain group of individuals with low buying power? Decorate the interior of the shop and make it look like it’s worthy of only the finest aristocrat in town.

End of dept
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

Once you’ve cleared off your debts, you’re free from the stress of trying to meet the amount that needs to be paid back every week. Transitioning from story mode to endless mode – where you can dungeon recklessly every day.

Personal Opinion

Recette: An Item Shop’s Tale is a charming little shop management game with a side of dungeon crawling and a dash of light humour. It’s a game filled with vibrant characters and has their own unique story to pursue. Once you’ve mastered the way of the trade, the game becomes simpler. Along with your character progression being brought forward to the next loop, despite failing; the amount of debt that you need to pay every week doesn’t seem to be a challenge anymore. So what’s left to do?

Cute lines
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

After successfully paid off your debts, you’ll unlock Endless mode, New game+ and Survival mode. You can explore the dungeon to your heart’s content in endless mode, unlocking the adventurers in New game+ or keep on paying your debt week after week in Survival mode because you’re a masochist. To truly unlock an adventurer, one must obtain their true card.

When you’ve gotten the true card, you don’t have to go through the adventurer’s story again – you can skip the story thankfully – in order to bring that individual to go dungeon exploring. You can only get one true card per successful loop. Do be mentally prepared to replay multiple times in order to unlock every adventurer. This can be done in New game + and in that mode, you can select any saved file of a successful game to start the game from scratch again, but your character progression, inventory and true cards will be brought forward.

Combat in a dungeon
Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale | EasyGameStation

The combat is simple and straightforward. And it can get repetitive easily, especially so when you’re planning to unlock every single adventurer. The bosses in the dungeon are unique and every single one of them is like a different puzzle to solve. The game allows you to boss rush the dungeon once you’ve explored the dungeon completely. Enabling you to jump floors and fight all the bosses in the dungeon in a single run. Skipping through the hassle of moving floor by floor to get to the boss floor and trying to obtain its unique loot.


Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale is an enjoyable shop management game with dungeon crawling on the side. To those looking for a shop management game genre, I can wholeheartedly recommend this game to you. Capitalism HO!

Platform: PC(Windows)
Publisher: Carpe Fulgur LLC
Developer: EasyGameStation
Rating: Great (83 out of 100)
Hours Played: 31hrs

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