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Pumpkin Death Garden

With a single glance, you can clearly tell that Pumpkin Death Garden is an indie game. And don’t let its art direction fool you, as the game has a simple yet solid gameplay. At any rate, Pumpkin Death Garden is a fun little indie title.

Pumpkin Death Garden is a top-down high-score shooter where you play as a giant sentient potato farmer or a farmer that looks like a potato from the top, and you have a very serious pest problem on your hands. You are growing what’s every pumpkin lover farmer would grow, solely growing pumpkins. But no amount of fertiliser is able to keep those oversized insects from wanting to eat your pumpkin. So the only way to secure your livelihood is to kill them with guns.

You start with a single pumpkin seed and a sniper rifle, and you’re besieged from the sides as you defend your only seed. I take aim with my sniper rifle and killed off the insects one bullet at a time. Though it’s not much at the moment, it’s more than enough to handle whatever is thrown at me.

Pumpkin Death Garden Review
Pumpkin Death Garden | Challenge Yourself Gaming

I was given the option to select a shotgun, an assault rifle or an additional clip size modification for my sniper rifle when I levelled up. I got myself the sniper rifle modification and planned to do the same for future selection, as I would like to see how much of a beast the sniper rifle will be from getting a sniper rifle modification every time I levelled up.

A few levels in and I can tell that the sniper rifle is a powerful weapon and the first hurdle I have is the gigantic bee. Really, it is huge, along with its health pool. I stopped counting how many bullets it takes to bring it down after 4 full clip is being unloaded upon it. And the fact that I need to defend my pumpkin from being eaten by other insects, makes counting bullets is the least of my priorities.

I managed to kill the gigantic bee in the end, but from this point onwards I can tell things can go south pretty fast, as tougher and faster insects will start to appear and the small fries spawn in great numbers. I hold out for as long as I can and picked up as many ripe pumpkins as possible before I die. And when I did, I was able to see my placement amongst the leaderboard at the end.

Pumpkin Death Garden | Challenge Yourself Gaming

The pumpkin seed will grow into a pumpkin, no surprises here, and will produce two seed as you pick them up. This process repeats itself and if you’re able to fend off the insects from eating it, you’re able to see a glorious field of pumpkin in the middle of your screen. The pumpkin, however, serves no purpose at all from the start, but as you get upgrades, which is dropped from the insects, it can regenerate your health and provide experience points.

The only nitpicking I have with Pumpkin Death Garden would be its user interface. It felt unnecessary huge and at times, it hides the insects that are coming from the direction where the user interface is. Pumpkin Death Garden doesn’t lock the mouse cursor within its premise, as I have numerous times closed the game by accident when my mouse flew over to my second monitor – I’m running on a dual monitor setup by the way.

Pumpkin Death Garden review
Pumpkin Death Garden | Challenge Yourself Gaming

For its asking price, I can recommend getting Pumpkin Death Garden for anyone that is seeking a simple high score shooter. And as of this writing, you can find me within the top 10 on its leaderboard.

Platform: PC (Windows)
Publisher: Challenge Yourself Gaming
Developer: Challenge Yourself Productions
Rating: 6.5/10

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The key for Pumpkin Death Garden is provided by the courtesy of the publisher.

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