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The hauntingly composed piano piece over at the main menu certainly sets the tone of the story that you would expect from Pale Cachexia. But in the midst of its sombre tunes, lies a tale of self-sacrifice; all in the hopes of attaining that eternal sunshine.

Pale Cachexia is a linear kinetic visual novel that is set in a gothic fantasy tale. It’s a visual novel game without any branching story or multiple endings. Despite the lack thereof, the transfixed ending of Pale Cachexia leaves a satisfactory taste albeit its dark fantasy theme.

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Pale Cachexia | Argent Games

Pale Cachexia unfolds the tale of a young girl named Esther. On her quest to find the cure to the mysterious ailment, Pale Cachexia or the Pale, the last legs of her journey bring her towards an unknown forest; rumoured that the potential cure to the incurable disease lies within. But when her path crossed with Senia, a walking bundle of sunshine, the two girls will ultimately make the toughest choice in procuring their promised happiness.

The pacing in Pale Cachexia is well maintained throughout the near 5 hours worth of gameplay, which to my surprise, am capable of finishing the entire story within a single seating. Though do not be disheartened by the shorter hours, but be thankful for it. The writing in Pale Cachexia is vivid in its description and the writer spare no expense in unleashing his vocabulary prowess within the story. Along with its beautifully illustrated art style, it’s possible to be entirely engrossed with the story and finish Pale Cachexia within a single weekend afternoon.

The only gripes I have with Pale Cachexia is the missing staple UI that can be commonly found in other Visual Novels. There are no quicksave button, no fast forward key, no previous lines key etc. Despite their absence, it’s not detrimental to the experience gotten from playing Pale Cachexia.

Pale Cachexia is surprisingly a poetic visual novel game. It’s easy to be immersed in the story and finish its entirety within a single setting. Despite the short 5 hour playthrough, the strong writing and well-written plot may warrant another playthrough.

Platform: PC(Windows[Played], Linux and macOS) & Andriod
Publisher: Argent Games
Developer: Argent Games
Rating: 8.0 out of 10
Price: $6.50 (or your region equivalent)

Additional Comments: The key to Pale Cachexia is provided by the courtesy of the developers from Argent Games.

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