My Top Seven Games for 2018

Highway Blossoms Review

It has been a year since I’ve started doing game reviews and I can’t believe that a year has passed since then. I began doing this as a hobby to learn a new skill and to improve my command for the English language. English isn’t my native language and looking back at my very first game review, I would say I have come a long way ever since.

With that being said, I do want to help people in their decisions when purchasing a game. The older you get, the less time you have on your hands due to personal responsibilities, and I would like to help in introducing you to a game that wouldn’t be a waste of your time and money.

I’ve played numerous games throughout the year and the following is a list of my seven favourite games in 2018. The criterion for this list is that it will only be among the games I’ve reviewed and played for this year. Without further ado, the first game which will start my reviewing journey would be The Long Dark.

Invisible Inc.

Invisible, Inc Review
Invisible Inc. | Klei Entertainment

I bought Invisible Inc. back when it was in Early Access and this game astounded me. I love the gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and Invisible Inc is somewhat comparable to it in that regard. And unlike XCOM, going in guns blazing isn’t the answer – though you sometimes end up doing it nonetheless – and stealth is the way to go, as the consequences of going in loud right off the bat would normally end up with your plan going right through the mud. I could have booted up another round of XCOM for a nice turn-based strategy experience, but the difference between the two is that the campaign for Invisible Inc is shorter and you are able to unlock new content for your next playthrough.

Final Fantasy 15

Final Fantasy 15 | Square Enix

What is there not to like about Final Fantasy 15? It has incredible music, story, a lot of side quests and tons of cooking recipes! I won’t disagree that the game has its flaws and it’s especially clear when you’re nearing the end of the story. But despite that, I had a wonderful time experiencing the world of Eos. This is not a story about a chosen king, but about four best friends. The trails they have been through together, and the sacrifices they make for each other along the journey forges the strongest of bonds and this is being reflected in the end credits. I could honestly say that I couldn’t be bothered about what happened to Lunafreya.

Fault Series

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above
Fault – Milestone Two Side: Above | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

I would put both episodes of Fault in this list if I could, but that would take up another spot in my ‘Top Seven Game For 2018’.  I’ve played my fair share of visual novels and among those that I have played before, the Fault series is nice entry title to the world of visual novels. You follow along with the happy-go-lucky bubbly Princess Selphine, as she makes her way back to her home country alongside her ever-so-serious entourage, Ritona. The story is well written and expresses the personalities and characteristics of our protagonists distinctively, along with a healthy dose of world building. The outstanding art and music is a lovely bonus to this series and I can’t wait for its third installment.


Battletech Review
Battletech | Harebrained Schemes

I love giant robots. I love giant robots fighting other giants robots. And in Battletech, you can punch the crap out of each other, and being able to do that lightens up the inner child in me with blissful glee. This turn-based strategy game is a must have for those that would like a combination of strategy game and giant robots. In terms of the story, it is like Games Of Thrones, but in space, with Battlemechs. The amount of customization for your Battlemech – both appearance-wise and weaponry loadout – will make you spend more time on fine-tuning your Battlemech than taking up mercenary contracts. But seeing your Battlemech unleashing an endless barrage of missile salvos, dual PPC strike and multiple bursts of Autocannon, makes the time spent in customizing totally worth it.

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World
Monster Hunter World | Capcom

This is a no-brainer as to why it is in my ‘Top Seven Games For 2018’. I have invested in a lot of time in hunting and farming for every single achievement there is for me to get, and eventually, I accomplished what I have set out to do before the year end, getting 100% achievement. If this doesn’t indicate my love and passion for Monster Hunter World, every other game doesn’t deserve to be in this list if Monster Hunter World doesn’t make it into the list.

With that being said, Monster Hunter World is an action game that’s all about pushing yourself to the limit. It’s an endless road for self-improvement and it rewards you for it. Sure you won’t be able to make it in the first few hunts, but with every hunt, you will discover new ways to hunt them efficiently. And with Capcom announcement of a new DLC, Icebourne, it is with great certainty that I will play Monster Hunter World in 2019. If I’m making another of my ‘Top Seven Games’ for that year, Monster Hunter World will definitely be in it. Oh Nargacuga, come to daddy.

Highway Blossoms

Highway Blossoms Review
Highway Blossoms | Alienworks

Another Visual Novel is on the list? What? All I can say is that I love a good story and the warmth of our two protagonists in Highway Blossoms makes my cold cynical heart skip a bit. Or in anime terms that would be ‘it makes my heart goes dokidoki’. And it certainly NOT because there are mature scenes available in Highway Blossoms. No no no.

They Are Billions

They Are Billions Early Access Review
They Are Billions | Numantian Games

And the last entry on this list is They Are Billions. Despite being in Early Access, it is a wonderful RTS game in its current state and the only thing that is missing at the moment is its story mode. It has a robust technological tree, and its highly tactical gameplay make They Are Billions one of the best RTS game to ever come out in recent times. The zombie setting can be a bit of a niche to some people but the gameplay experience is amazing. You hunker down with whatever that’s left of your society and prepare yourself for an incoming onslaught of zombies. Waves after waves of zombies. And they aren’t coming to you in the hundreds, they are coming to you in the Billions.

That’s it for my ‘Top Seven Games For 2018’ and from the looks of it, I like playing strategy games and appreciate a game with a good story. Feel free to tell me what your favourite game for 2018 is. Lastly, I would like to thank my readers for reading my posts and also those that follow me. I wish every one of you a wonderful new year!

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