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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Review

When I was playing Mutant Year Zero Road To Eden for the first time, I came across a problem. A problem that can only be solved by clearing through the game once or after having delved deep enough into the game to know how things work. The problem I face is, do I hoard these guns? Should I upgrade them? Do I need all of these consumables and attachments that are being sold in the shop?

No matter which starter guide I look at, none of which have the answer that I seek.  All those guides are all nothing but brain-dead-stating-the-obvious-facts. Facts such as hide behind covers, use stealth to your advantage, kill lone enemies or always search around for loot etc. are nothing but obvious statements.

Feeling unsatisfactory with the content of guides that’s available out there that was meant for starters, I have decided to make a guide myself. This is an essential guide for players playing Mutant Year Zero for the first time or planning to get Mutant Year Zero.

Resources Are Finite

Mutant Year zero guide
Mutant Year Zero Guide

The very first thing you need to know is that the resources in Mutant Year Zero are finite. Every enemy you killed along the way, every scrap and weapon parts you have picked up will not respawn even after you have left the area. This means you can’t grind your level as you wish before going to a higher level area. And you must be mindful of every purchase and weapon upgrade being made so as to not waste the limited amount of scraps and weapon parts there are in the world of Mutant Year Zero.

6 Weapon Is All You Need

The first problem for every first-time player will face, do you need to hoard your guns. The answer to that is no, you do not need to hoard your guns. You can only have 3 active stalkers at any given time and they can only carry 2 weapons each. Because of that you only need 6 weapons. Or additional 1 or 2 because of the uniqueness of that weapon. Every other extra weapon you found can be disassembled for weapon parts. The next question will then be, what are the 6 weapons you don’t need to disassemble for weapons parts.

Priority Weapon Upgrade: Silence Weapons

Mutant Year Zero Guide
Mutant Year Zero Guide

There are only 3 silenced weapons throughout the whole game. And because of that, they should not be disassembled at any time, unless you have found another silence weapon to disassemble. The 3 silenced weapons are Dux’s crossbow, Selma’s Ancient Pistol and the MIMIR Needle Pistol that’s waiting to be found at the Fallen Angel. These solve half of the weapons that you need to have and they should be your number 1 priority in weapon upgrade over every other weapon.

Crossbow: Last To Be Upgraded

Mutant Year Zero Guide
Mutant Year Zero Guide

Among the 3 silenced weapon, the crossbow should be the last to be fully upgraded among the silenced weapons. The reason for this is because the Crossbow only has a 5% critical rate whereas the other two has 10%. When you are going for the opening shot during an ambush, the low critical rate for the crossbow isn’t as enticing as the others. Even with the Alpinist skill or the Silent Assassin skills, coupled with critical boosting items and accessories, it’s hard to get a 100% critical rate with the crossbow. But do level the 3 silence weapon equally, with the crossbow being the last.

Disassembled The Tier 1

Mutant Year Zero Guide
Mutant Year Zero Guide

Other than the silenced pistol, you don’t really need to upgrade any of the other tier 1 gun. You can disassemble the tier 1 and save the weapon parts for the tier 3 guns instead. Seeing that you have 3 fixed weapons already, the silence weapons, the other 3 is definitely going to be your loud guns. Depending on your style, some of the Tier 2 guns may be more preferred over the Tier 3.

Time for some Combat tips.

Enemies Skills Priority Target

The pyro and tank have a set priority target when using their skills. They will always engage the character that attacked first. And this includes skills but doesn’t include throwing consumables such as molotov or grenades. Knowing this, you can equip the initiator with fire or knockdown immunity gear before starting the combat. This makes enemies such as the pyro the least threatening among the rest during the engagement. Just remember to spread out your characters so they won’t get burnt.

All-Powerful Glowstick

Among every other throwable consumable, the glowstick is the only that cost 1 AP. But it is not because of the 1 AP cost that makes it so powerful, it’s because it doesn’t trigger the fight once thrown and that it increases your range by 25% when they are in the light. This allows you to exit ambush mode even after throwing it so that you can reposition yourself again or get that 1 AP back. Hence, the glowstick is very limited in supply. Be it in the world or being sold in the shop.


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