Mad Games Tycoon Review

Mad Games Tycoon Review

As mentioned within the game title, Mad Games Tycoon is another tycoon game. One that is centered around the creation of video games and selling it as its primary theme. Let’s find out on how does this game pull it off.

Before you start making your company, you begin by creating an avatar to represent yourself within the company. You may name your avatar however you please and the name of your company. If you aren’t able to think of a good name for your company, there’s a random company name generator to make use of. Followed by your company logo – there’s a lot of options to choose from – country, gender, and the game settings. Which country you wish to select have a slight boost in sales in regards to the game genre you’re making. Nothing much to be said about gender as there are only 2. The game settings grant you a certain amount of control for the random events or gaming trends that occur during the course of your playthrough. I would recommend leaving the tutorial on for your first playthrough.

Once you’re done with that, you’re granted a small amount of stats point to boost your character stats. You may allocate your stats freely, but you aren’t able to reduce any of the base stats that are being provided to gain more stats and relocate it somewhere else. You’re able to select which genre your character will be specialized in and feature to specialize in. You are able to select how fast the game progress and which year to start your company. It may begin as early as the year 1980 and the year 2010 being the latest. The advantage of starting at a later year is that a decent amount of research is already being researched, and you’re able to gain access to them immediately among other things. Whereas starting at the earliest year, you have nothing much to work with as you need to research them. I find this to be useful for the first playthrough as you’re able to learn the ropes of the game. And finally, select the game difficulty level you wish to play at. After all that is over, you may begin. For this review, I select the year 1980 as the start of this playthrough.

Mad Games Tycoon | Eggcode

Your beginning is as humble as it can get and it all begins within a small house. There’s only myself at the start along with a small sum of capital. There’s a short tutorial that will help to keep start the company. From setting up departments, purchasing of furniture for the department and hiring of staff. A higher rated employee required nicer furniture and facilities. Just like your own character, these employees have their own stats, specialize genre and feature. Since this is just the start, you won’t be able to see a character who has a relatively high stats and features that are available in later stages of the game. Unless there’s a random event going on that states, a legendary programmer is looking for a job. In the event that you’re having trouble managing your finances, you’re able to take a loan from the bank. And it is best that you pay back to the bank as soon as possible as the loan comes with an interest rate.

Producing a game is relatively easy, define the game name, topic, genre, audience, game engine and its concept. The amount of features your game can have is depending on your engine and game size. If you’re producing an AAA game, the more features you can have in a game and provided that the engine has that many features to support. You’re able to make your own engine if you wish or get a license to use engine develop by your competitors. If you do make your own engine, you’re able to license out your engine and earn royalties for the game made using your engine.

Mad Games Tycoon | Eggcode

Once the production of your game is complete and you’re satisfied with its state, you can self-publish the game yourself or find a publisher to help publish your game. And since this playthrough is in the year 1980, you have yet to meet the conditions that allow you to self-publish your game. You’re able to just that in the future. Some publisher provides better royalties than others, whereas they are others that have larger audiences but give lesser royalties in return. Once that is done, all that’s left is to wait for the money to come in and while you’re waiting for that to happen, you’re able to provide patch updates to the game that you just release and if it’s still in the market or makes a new game entirely.

You will eventually be able to make your own MMO game and you can charge a monthly subscription fee. This allows you to have a steady flow of income every month and just like real life, the number of players subscribing to your game decreases as time goes by. To counter that problem or minimize it is to periodically provide new updates and patches or make an extension of the base game. Unlike your other game, the MMO game requires a server room.

Mad Games Tycoon | Eggcode

Other than making games, you’re able to make your own game engine and consoles. Both of which can be made to be optimized for a single genre and the features that can be implemented on it is depending on how much new technology has been researched through your R&D team. The more research you have, the more features you can implement in both your consoles and engines. You’re able to make both of these to be used exclusively for yourself or license it out for other game developers or companies to make it use.

You will reach a point where you will be able to publish your own game and keep all the profits being made to yourself without the need to rely on other publishers. This, in turn, allows you to publish games that are not being made by you and also accept contract job that requires you to produce xx copies of a game by xx weeks. These contract jobs provide a decent amount of money if you’re able to complete and failure to meet its requirement will require you to pay a penalty fee.

As time goes by, gaming technology and features improve and the workers you will be able to hire will generally have features that they are specialized at that corresponds to the technology and features of the present era. This makes your workers that have been hired since the 1980s slightly less relevant and more expensive to maintain as the cost to hire them increase as time goes by and the features that they specialize then is not relevant to the present age. As those features become obsolete. You may fire them or train them in other areas so as you can relocate them in other departments such as marketing or R&D.

As to what or where is the ending of this game is, I don’t know. This is because I stopped playing it until the year 2020 to write this review. The whole process of making money is repetitive and it doesn’t compel me enough to continue playing to find out.

Personal Opinion

Mad Game Tycoon is a management simulation game about making video games and it has a certain amount of both complexity and depth to it. You’re able to build different department to help improve the creation of your game such as a music studio to improve the quality of your game sound or a graphic studio to improve the graphics of the game that you’re making. That said, you aren’t limited to having only a single development team or graphics studio. The only limit to having more facilities is the limit of the floor space that you’re working on. You’re able to purchase a bigger office with more floor space, but you will need to rebuild the facilities every time you move into a new office. There’s a group control binding in the game so you don’t have to reassign your workers individually when moving into the new office which I find to be pretty handy.

The graphic of this game isn’t great looking, but it isn’t horrendous either. It’s just plain. The process of making a game is very simple and most of the time is just waiting for it to be completed. There’s nothing much to do other than monitoring its progress. It’s kinda dull, but once you have completed making one, you have this feeling of making just one more. This feeling grows on you to the point that you will realize that you would like to make one more and see how it fares compared to your previous made games. This I find to be a great way to past the time without you noticing it. But do I like it, not really.


Mad Game Tycoon is an in-depth and complex game in regards to the theme of its own kind, but would I be able to recommend it to players outside of those that enjoy this kind of management game? No.

Platform: PC (Windows, Mac OS)
Publisher: Eggcode
Developer: Eggcode
Rating: Ok (59 out of 100)
Hours Played: 18hrs

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