Kynseed Early Access Review

Brought to you by the people that helped develop the Fable franchise, Kynseed is a beautiful pixelated fantasy game. It showcases that the indie developer, PixelCount Studios, is not a stranger to the world of fantasy.

Set in the land christened Quill, Kynseed is an Early Access game that is about handing down the family legacy from one generation to another, or at least it will be when Kynseed is officially released. And in its current state, PixelCount Studios is laying down the groundwork for a game with limitless potential, about which I will share my opinion in a future article.

When you begin your life in Kynseed, you’re greeted by the sound of a flowing river, accompanied by a melodious tune of strings. The sight of a buttery-smooth pixel animation coupled with its beautiful pixel art will make you wonder if you have bought a piece of art instead of a game.

Kynseed early access review
Kynseed | Pixelcountstudios

You’re given a tiny little farm and two animals to look after. You may sprinkle your seeds over your farming plot and water them on a daily basis whilst watching them grow as you wait for it to be ready for harvest. The harvested produce can be thrown into a pot to be crafted into foodstuff and used to feed your animal. Needless to say, your animals don’t know how much love you put into making a specially crafted meal for them daily and that they are under the care of a kind master. So you would feed them fruits that can be plucked off a tree instead.

You possess a cow, which can be milked daily if you have a metal bucket, as well as a pig. There’s nothing special about the pig other than you can ride it if it likes you enough. I made it to be my de facto mode of transportation whenever I visit the villages, showing off my farm boy swagger among the denizens of Quill, or when I’m off exploring the lands.

Kynseed | Pixelcountstudios

With that said, Kynseed is obviously in its early stages, and this point is made very clear by the signs left in the world by the developers. Signs that say this plot of land is still a work in progress or that new content will be added here in the future are peppered throughout the gameplay. I have to admit that I found this to be slightly amusing when I ran into the first few signs. But seeing them every day, and even more new ones, when I explore new lands, has made me feel dispirited to continue playing Kynseed in its current state.

There’s a clear sign that there’s a larger complicated system is in the works, as you can see random NPC characters requesting for a specific item and they promised that they would return and pay for it after a certain time frame from the shopkeepers from time to time. Furthermore, right outside those various shops stands a signboard that says the property doesn’t belong to you. This indicates that there’s a possibility for you to own the shops and have workers working for you in future updates.

Kynseed is not entirely unplayable, it just lacks content. Though systems such as questing, fishing, and crafting are already in place, it is currently lacking in the number of things you can do or craft with it. These systems are at best, workable, but it requires more polishing before the world of Quill can truly shine.

Kynseed’s first update, The First Steps Update, has made the game a bit more playable. You are now able to sell items to the NPC to earn a stable source of income, and they have polished the relationship between the NPCs and the player better. Despite the update, it still feels like a technical demo as compared to the other Early Access titles out there in the market. I would advise you to keep track of this game and check back about 6-12 months later or after it has undergone several major updates.

DISCLAIMER: This review is based on the build 0.1.121990, inclusive of The First Steps Update, as of this writing.

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