Kingdom And Castle Review – A Relaxing City Builder Game

Kingdom and castle review

I took a hike at Mount Inari when I was visiting Fushimi Inari Shrine last month. Took a short break at the checkpoint which is about halfway to the mountaintop. Bought myself a vanilla cone ice cream from one of the shops, despite the season being in winter. Sat on a stone bench that’s overlooking the town as I ate my ice cream, it was blissful. Relaxing. The same feeling I have as I played Kingdom And Castle.

Kingdom And Castle is a medieval city builder game with a pleasant and light-hearted atmosphere. You begin by placing your keep after selecting a randomly generated island to your liking. It can be placed anywhere on the island. I would recommend placing on a spot that has lots of trees, fertile land, stones and iron in the immediate vicinity. These 4 resources are the primary resources for this game, but the most important resources of them all are your people. The guys that made up your kingdom and keep it running. The people can live without the country, but the country can’t live without its people.

The start of the game is relatively slow as you’re given only a handful of resources and people to build your kingdom. To get more people, houses are needed to increase your population. Wood is used to build those houses, but the houses can only be built within the vicinity of a road and the road too requires wood to build them. The initial food pile is not enough to maintain your initial population, let alone your future citizen and that would cause a shortage of food. As a result, farms are needed to meet the food demand of your kingdom and that too cost wood to build. In order to get more wood, a forestry is needed as it plants new trees while cutting down other trees for lumber. This result in a never-ending cycle of needing more to produce more. The next thing you know, you humble hamlet had grown to be a small size town.

Kingdom And Castles | Lion Shield, LLC

As your population grows, more money can be obtained through tax. The tax is at a fixed amount of 1,2 or 3 gold and the collected tax can be used to build better buildings or for military purposes. With the introduction of taxes, by building the treasure room, the overall happiness of the population will decrease and the higher the tax the greater the population unhappiness is. Just like in real life. The lower your overall kingdom’s happiness, the less likely will new citizen would want to stay in your kingdom and more likely your citizen will leave your country. To counter the unhappiness problem, buildings such as the brewery can be made. A place for your citizens to get merry and drunk to make their woes go away. Just like in real life.

The gold earned, uh I mean collected, can be used to build defenses such as a ballista tower and hire a general which in turn allows you to raise an army. You’re able to recruit as many men that you’re capable of but without a leader, it’s pointless. This is to help your kingdom repel the Viking invasion and dragon attacks, but not all disaster are caused by foreign invasion. Heavy rain will cause flooding and that in turn will destroy your crops. Lightning strikes occur occasionally and it may strike your building, causing it to be on fire. That same fire will spread if it doesn’t get put out. Plague outbreak happens every now and then, killing your citizen should they not get treated and destroy any food that isn’t properly stored.

Kingdom And Castles | Lion Shield, LLC

At the end of the day, you are not a god but a king. Disasters such as those can’t be prevented, but you’re able to minimize the impact should such disaster occur. Build hospital to employ plague doctors to cure your citizen during a plague outbreak. Granary can be build to store your food, prevent it to be infected during a plague outbreak or destroyed during winter. A wise king is one that is prepared when disaster come to his lands.

Personal Opinion

It’s a charming city builder game. The animation of your tiny citizen running around your kingdom doing it errands is cute. Combine with its bright colours and aesthetic, it put a gentle a smile on my face. Watching it grow from a quiet little hamlet to a bustling town as the years go by felt serene. Even when disaster strike, I don’t feel panicked at all. As after it’s all over, I got the feeling that it everything will gonna be okay.

Among all the other city building games that I have played so far such as Anno, Banished, Planetbase and Tropico, just to name a few, Kingdom & Castle is the easiest among them all. There’s no complexity in this game and no worries as you won’t run out of resources. Although there’s a number of quarry and iron mine based on the map you’ve picked, there’s an unlimited amount of rocks and iron to mine. Generally, there’s a limited amount resource to mine, but not for this game. There’s no complex graph to monitor or trade revenue to overseas. Nothing but you and your kingdom.

Kingdom And Castles | Lion Shield, LLC

Other then complexity, it is lacking in end game content. No end goal to achieve or to strive for. For those looking for a city builder game with lots of end game content or to work too, you won’t be able to find much in this game. It’s a good game nonetheless. The only worry I have for this game is that there isn’t mod support available for this game and should the developer stop making new content for it. The game can die out pretty quickly. I only hope that the developer will provide mod support if they ever decide to stop making new content for this game.


Kingdom And Castle is a charming city builder game and a suitable entry for those keen on diving to the city building genre. As for those looking for a complex game filled with lots of endgame content, you won’t get that from this. But you are able to get a more ‘your own’ kind of pace with this game and relax.

Platform: PC (Windows | Mac OS X | SteamOS | Linux)
Publisher: Lion Shield, LLC
Developer: Lion Shield, LLC
Rating: Good (73 out of 100)
Hours Played: 5hrs

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