Jalopy Review – A Buggy Road Trip

Jalopy Review

Dear Uncle,

If you’re reading this, I’m probably on my way on a journey through the Eastern Bloc. Though I enjoyed our time traveling together, I’ve decided to go solo for once. Do you remember the time when you taught me how to fix up that beat up Laika car of yours? I never do thank you for it, thank you.

I’ve been cannibalizing car parts from scrapyards and abandoned cars along the journey. I was lucky to find a better engine and was able to replace the stock engine. It’s a bit damaged, but there’s nothing I can’t repair as long as I have a repair kit. Something which I will get when I see a gas station or reach a nearby town.

The journey hadn’t actually been a smooth one as there are routes that have potholes along the way. Drive over a pothole once, and it blew up the tires. It’s hard to control the car with a blown tire and had to get it replace at the nearest store. Ever since then, I’ve been moving like a snake to avoid those potholes.

Tried smuggling contraband goods to the next border, want to make some decent cash you know; but it seems I’m not cut out for such actions. As it seems like the border guards always know that I have such items back in my car. And why can’t I cross the border at night? Anyway, I will be back home soon should any unexpected situation occurs.

Your Nephew

Jalopy | Minskworks

Personal Opinion

Jalopy is a somewhat rogue-lite driving simulation game. With the rogue-lite aspect being, you will be able to keep your car upgrade, inventory, and cash whenever you select the return home option.

It’s a pretty neat simulation as it has the aspect of building your car, teaching you what does each car component does and the finest of details which you can do in a car. Such as wind down the window, manually turn on the radio and headlights. You’re even able to replace the car tires manually. Although the game makes it simple, it’s actually a hassle to do in real life. And eventually, I too find it a hassle to do it in game. Ahh, realism.

Jalopy | Minskworks

Some people may like the art style of the game and appreciate it, but for me, I find it neither amazed nor something that leaves a positive impression of it. The sights I see across the journey doesn’t compel me to proceed further with my journey. With that being said, the value of art is objective based on each individual. Just because I don’t like it doesn’t necessarily mean your opinion is the same as mine.

Though there’s an in-game radio to turn on when you’re inside the car, there’s isn’t many tracks to listen to.

Despite being released from early access, this game is filled with bugs that can prevent you from continuing your journey. I have encountered such bugs numerous times and it’s a pain to return home on a journey which you are making a good progress on. Bugs such as not being able to enter the car or unable to refuel your car. There are a whole lot more bugs encountered by other players.


I wouldn’t able to recommend this game due to the sheer amount of bugs this game have at its current state. Though it may improve in the future, I won’t be looking back at this game. Get it at your own discretion.

Platform: Pc (Windows)
Publisher: Excalibur Games
Developer: Minskworks
Rating: Ok (54 out of 100)
Hours Played: 6hrs

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