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Invisible, Inc Review

72 hours. That’s how much time you have left before the game of cat and mouse between you and the world mega-corporations, will be at an end. Invisible, Inc. a den of assassins and spies, was brought down by a coordinated strike through a united front with all the mega-corporations in the world. For once, they weren’t fighting amongst themselves and strike against you. Barely escaping with nothing but your life and Incognita (a super A.I programme), you were able to elude from total capture with the help of your 2 agents that were out on the field.

With most of your agents either dead or captured, you’re on the run from the mega-corporations. Incognita can only hide your whereabouts for a short period of time before running out of power. 72 hours is a short window of respite, but that’s the amount of time you got to sharpen your fangs before a final all-out strike. Targets are aplenty to select from, such as rescuing captured VIP or agents, stealing ill-gotten credits, weapons manufacturing company or augment production facility. It’s a race against time as it will take hours to travel to your designated target and with only 72 hours, every mission is critical and failure is not an option. As time lost will never be regained.

Invisible, Inc. | Klei Entertainment

After deciding on your target, your two agents will be teleported to an empty room. Every movement and observational action cost the agent action points. The agent can peek through doors, scout corners and observe the guards patrolling pattern with said action points. The floor is not only defended by human security, but also electronics. Electronics such as cameras and robots. Most of these defensive can only be brought down through hacking the security firewall with incognito, albeit temporarily. But that short moment of security lapse is enough to give your agents to proceed with their objectives.

Upon a successful extraction, be it successfully securing the objective or not, it’s time to pick another target. Rinse and repeat till time is up for the final mission. Hopefully, by that time, you would have 4 agents to command that’s completely equipped to handle any security task force thrown at them.

Personal Opinion

Invisible, Inc. is a turn-based isometric stealth game. If Xcom and Splinter Cell were to have a baby, this would be the product of such actions. And it is great.

Everything is laid on a nice and clean square grid, that’s simple and straightforward to understand. Yet despite its simplicity, every movement undergo by the agent should proceed with a truckload of caution. As you’ll never know if a guard would appear from the corner, through a door or a security drone would scan for any intruder 5 tiles away from it. This is a game where stealth isn’t an option, fighting is.

Invisible, Inc. | Klei Entertainment

Every time a security is being alerted to your presence, the security bar will go up by a point. And when enough point is being accumulated, the security level will increase, which in turn causes a tightening of security such as more guards will be called or more active cameras. Despite not being alerted to your presence, the security bar will go up with every turn. Leaving the players with lesser breathing room with each turn.

Should all your agent died or captured, you will fail the game. But with failure, you will gain experience in playing the game and also unlocking new starting agents and new Incognita starting programme. That’s where the replayability lies for this game, along with the massive tweaks can be done to affect the game difficulty.

This is a game where brute force your way through will cause more problems than solving it. Knowledge is key. Information is king. By hacking a lot of cameras and knowing the guards’ movement pattern, you’re able to come out with a suitable plan to let your agents slip through unnoticed. Resulting in a situation where combat can be entirely avoided. But there are times where a problem can only be solved with force.


Invisible Inc. is a game that can be enjoyed by both stealth and isometric game lovers. As for the others, don’t let this game sneak pass your radar.

Platform: Pc (Windows, Mac OS, Lunix, SteamOS), iOS, Playstation 4
Publisher: Klei Entertainment
Developer: Klei Entertainment
Rating: Great (87 out of 100)
Hours Played: 32hrs

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