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Highway Blossoms Review

Is it just a coincidence that I’ve decided to play Highway Blossoms when Steam give its green-light to games with adult content? Yes, it is purely coincidental.

Players are given the option to opt out from the additional content that is made available for free, but only an honest man would do so. And as for me, I am someone who would play the game as to how the developers want it to be played and I respect that. To commend my decision, I’ve even gotten an achievement upon launching it with a description saying, “you know what you did”.

Oh, I know what I did all right. I played Highway Blossoms, a kinetic visual novel game developed by Alienworks and published by Sekai Project. Rarely does a game title tells us their premises, but yet in Highway Blossoms there’s a subtle hint of what the game is. I didn’t notice it at first, but as I play through the game, it become as clear as the blue sky.

Highway Blossoms Review
Highway Blossoms | Alienworks

Highway Blossoms embarks you on a journey of a young woman named, Amber. She was on the road to a music festival in California when she stumbles upon a helpless young woman on the road. Introducing herself as Marina, she explained her plight to Amber. Unable to ignore Marina’s plight, Amber decided to lend her a helping hand. Little did she know that her small act of kindness would eventually tie their encounter together with a red string of fate.

I don’t have big expectations from Highway Blossom besides it having a simple story. Yet it is within this simplicity I find myself wanting to see how their relationship grows. From total strangers to lovers, Highway Blossoms shows that love can bloom when you least expected it. It shows that sometimes in life, it’s not the destination that truly matters, but the journey towards it.

Their journey will bring you to several famed locations in America and the artistic renditions the developers have made for these sites as the background portray their respect for its natural beauty. The artistic direction they took is clearly different from the last kinetic visual novel game I’ve played,but yet I find it charming in their own ways. However, there is one thing that I’m concerned about: there are inconsistent portrayals of Amber and Marina in their CG, though it’s only a very minor aspect of it. At times Marina’s hair would be a shade of brown. At other times, it would be pink or blonde across the various CGs. It’s neither a nuisance nor disturbing but it is certainly weird.

Highway Blossoms | Alienworks

Regardless of all its inconsistencies, when it occurs, I take no heed as I’m too distracted by the sweet voice of Marina. Her melodious voice, coupled with her bubbly-optimistic personality, is a nice treat for the players. It’s safe to say that you can expect wonderful voice acting portraying the various characters in the game and I must say that it is a wonderful surprise for me.

Highway Blossom is a love story that puts a smile on my face. Despite it being a kinetic visual novel that has no multiple endings or branching dialogues, I still highly recommend getting Highway Blossom for its blossoming love story between its two protagonists, the warmth of it thawed this cold cynical heart of mine.

Platform: PC (Windows, MAC OS X, Linux & SteamOS
Publisher: Sekai Project
Developer: Alienworks
Rating: 7.5/10
Hours Played: 10.2 hrs

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