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For The King Review

When the kingdom of Fahrul is in chaos, the queen rallied the citizens for help. It makes you wonder, what’s the point of paying taxes every year then. And… the queen? Well, the king is dead. Probably why the kingdom is currently in a state of chaos.

You ain’t a professional soldier, neither are you a fame mercenary. You’re nothing but one of the many common folks that answered Her Majesty call for aid. Profession from all walk of peasant life sets out on a quest to quell the chaos.

Party of 3
For The King | IronOak Games

You formed a party of three and set out together. You may send your party to move separately in order to cover more ground, but in doing so, you will lose the comfort of having each other nearby. As when the combat starts, any party member that is near the vicinity will automatically engage in combat.

Certain fights can be avoided by sneaking through with a high awareness attribute, and along with a sneaking skill, the success of moving through an enemy occupied tile undetected is higher. You may choose to ambush the enemy instead, and a successful attempt grants you the combat initiative and isolating the enemy from the rest of its friends.

For The King | IronOak Games

On your journey to quell chaos, picking up a quest is optional. As the location of the said quest isn’t along the way of your main quest sometimes. Some of the quest rewards are worth the trouble, but others are not.

After all, you volunteered to end the chaos that strikes the kingdom. And after a few turns, you obtain a chaos counter. It empowers the enemy and the counter stacks with each other, making the enemy even stronger than before. And on the 4th counter, the kingdom descent into chaos and your quest is over.

Personal Opinion

For The King is a strategy mixed with RPG and a bare minimum roguelike element that feels and play like a tabletop board game. The difference? A board game has a more or less balanced gameplay, whereas this game does not. I’ll start with the pros first before touching the balancing issues.

I find its low poly graphic to be clean and its animation fluid. Making both the world and animation pleasing to look at. The music score certainly fits the theme of the game as it feels medieval like.

The combat heavily relies on RNG and if you’re the type of player that doesn’t enjoy relying on chances, this game is not for you. As the combat can be frustrating at times. It makes you wonder if the RNG is against you at every crucial moment. Darkest Dungeon, a game that also integrates RNG for its combat mechanic, has a more enjoyable combat experience than this.

For The King | IronOak Games

Now to the balancing issue. In almost every game, money is utilized as a mean to obtain goods and services. It is a crucial part of the economic system. Rarely do you see an implementation of inflation prices in games as a mechanic. You would mostly encounter this if you’re playing a market management game or a market that is being run by players – generally an MMORPG game. And boy… the amount of which the goods and services increased in its price is ridiculous. The value of gold in this game would be equivalent to Zimbabwe dollars in real life.

Godsbeard, a consumable item that recovers an individual health, has an initial price of 10 gold. And as you progress in the game, the price of that same item will double. It will keep on doubling as you progress even further. The increase in prices doesn’t apply to this item only, but to EVERYTHING!

Although the buying price of an item increase, its resale value doesn’t. This makes it hard to earn money from selling the loot you obtain after combat. Even services that help recover your health have its price increase. As much as I would like to say that it’s a challenge to keep your party alive, it’s hard to keep yourself alive from playing this game.

For The King | IronOak Games

Normally in an RPG, you would obtain both money and loot drop, or sometimes just money. It’s understandable that an item of uncommon value or higher would have a lower drop rate due to its rarity, but in this game, a common equipment has the same drop rate as a rare item in other RPG. Even the money earned after the fight isn’t enough to get your party healed up from the town services.

The replayability value of this game lies in its different adventure mode and lore store. As you completed your main quest and defeated powerful bosses in the game, you would obtain lore points. These points allow you to unlock different encounter, weapons, and characters in the lore store. Giving your next playthrough more random encounters than before.

For The King | IronOak Games


As much as I would like to enjoy the game and recommend it, I honestly wouldn’t be able to due to its imbalance economic system. I hope it would be balancedĀ in the future.

Platform: PC(Windows, MAC OS, Linux, SteamOS )
Publisher: Curve Digital
Developer: IronOak Games
Rating: Good (63 out of 100)
Hours Played: 9hrs

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The game version is when this review is being written.

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