Final Fantasy XV Review – Square Enix Comes Out With A New Fantasy!

Final Fantasy XV

I’m not a hardcore fan of the Final Fantasy series, but I do enjoy playing them. With my first game exposure to the series being Crisis Core, I got hook onto it due to its story, music, and graphics. Two years back, I went to catch the movie called, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV. The graphic, music, and story are great. The opinions of critics in regards to the story says otherwise though, and I was left with the need of wanting to know what happens after the events occur in the movie. I need to buy the game.

I’m a patient man. Two years since then I’ve waited patiently for the day Final Fantasy XV will be release on the PC. When the game was made available for pre-order, I pre-order it. Normally I’m against pre-orders, but for this game, I’m willing to make it as an exception. I even took a few days off from my work just to play this beauty. It was worth it.

The game begins with our dear prince, Noctis, pushing his broken down Regalia to the nearest outpost with his 3 retainers, Prompto, Gladio, and Ignis. What a wonderful way to start a story. As you’re pushing your car, a lovely music intro rolls in, along with a light banter between the prince and his retainers. With the prince asking for a favour from Gladio to push the car all by himself and Prompto – I selfishly declare to be the jester among the group – humorously chips in that he wouldn’t even notice should the two of them stop pushing. Before aggravating the matter, Ignis steps in and can it. You keep on pushing your car and the camera zoom out slowly, showing you the wonderful and explorable world of Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy XV | Square Enix

Pushing your Regalia to the nearest outpost, you and your entourage encounters the oh so lovely Cindy, asked you fine gentlemen to go on a little errand as she fixed that car of yours. The world doesn’t restrict you should you not want to do the main quest immediately. You’re free to explore the world right off the bat, doing side quests, going hunting, fishing or even taking photos. You know, the fun stuff. As enjoyable as exploring the world on foot, it’s even better to do so on the back of a Chocobo. Back to doing the little errand Cindy ask us to do, whom by the way Prompto have a massive crush on. This is something the guys would constantly tease Prompto about whenever Cindy is involved. Heck, even in combat he wasn’t spared. Poor Prompto.

There are so many things of interest that when I’ve decided to continue with that little errand, a good one or two hours have passed. With Ignis behind the wheels, we proceed to our next destination. Turning on to the tunes of previous Final Fantasy series, I turn around my camera to admire the beautiful scenery passing by and its wildlife. We make a slight detour as our dear Prompto would like the gang to have a photo together at a famous landmark. I could have said no, but why not, it’s for the memories.

Final Fantasy XV | Square Enix

From that slight detour, we went to continue our journey on foot. Mining for ores, harvesting plants, searching for treasure, we also manage to find a hidden dungeon. But the recommended level to explore the dungeon was too high. Despite my intense curiosity for it, the danger outweighs the rewards. And what do you know, I got distracted again. Totally unconsciously ignoring the main quest.

I’ve decided to camp for the night instead of going to the nearest motel. The only time we’re able to eat Ignis cooking is when we’re camping. Being able to eat his cooking is one of life greatest pleasure, providing us a boost in stats. Ignis ask me for a little help before we went to hit the sack. Requires some help acquire some ingredients for breakfast. I won’t say no to our chief in the group. Who knows if he can come up with a new recipe!

Final Fantasy XV | Square Enix

72 hours into the game and I’ve finally completed the main quest. Upon completion, you’ll gain access to New Game plus or NG+. You’ll retain your level, skills, and inventory when starting NG+. Any side quest that you have previously completed does not appear in NG+, and the enemies are on the same level and difficulty as before NG+. To those hoping to experience a more challenging playthrough for their NG+ run, you will be disappointed. New side quest and hunts will be made available, but you’re able to access them with Umbra. Giving you the chance to go back in time to do those side quests that you ignored earlier. In a sense, it isn’t that much compelling to start NG+.

Personal Opinion

One word, amazing. That’s what I would describe my experience with Final Fantasy XV. It’s soundtrack, combat, and exploration is amazing. Especially your A.I companion, they are absolutely wonderful. And the story is great.

When I think of the Final Fantasy series, 3 aspects of the game come to mind, graphic, music, and storytelling. The graphics improved with every new title, the music is amazing and its storytelling varies in strength. The story for this game it’s great. I won’t divulge about its plot or events occured during the story, as it would be a spoiler for those that haven’t played it yet.

The story isn’t evenly paced as the first 2/3rd of the story allows you to explore the world with almost no restrictions. It’s a world filled with numerous side quest and hunts. Giving flavour to the world and a look into the life of ordinary citizens. Allowing you to take your own sweet time to complete the main story. But as you progress to the final few chapters of the story, the chapters are generally shorter. This is due to the fact that there’s close to zero side quest to undertake in the later chapters.

Final Fantasy XV | Square Enix

The combat is more action-oriented as compared to the previous titles in the series. Allowing you to warp around the field, switching between weapons or magic during the fight and unleashing deadly techniques by your A.I companion. And the execution of it as a whole is fluid. Providing the player a dynamic and fast-paced combat experience. The only gripe I have with the combat is how the targeting system works. The system target the targets for you and doesn’t allow you to switch between targets at your own will easily. It will switch target in the middle of a fight when you are already engaged with an enemy. This is incredibly annoying.

Despite the amazing world the developers have created, numerous side activities to do or it’s a great story. The reason I find compelling to clear the numerous side quest and story is due to the interaction between the A.I and you. Their small talks before and after you take the quest and hunts. Their useless banter in a fight. Pointless bickering in a tough situation. All these conversations brought life upon the A.I. This makes me want to care and know more about them as I progress with the story. It makes me think of how it would feel to go out into the world and explore with your dearest friends.

Final Fantasy XV | Square Enix


Final Fantasy XV is an amazing single player experience with tons of things to do and sights to see. Must have for those that enjoy single player games.

Platform: Pc (Windows), PS4, Xbox One
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Square Enix
Rating: Amazing (91 out of 100)
Hours Played: 80hrs

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