Fault Milestone Two Side:Above Review – The Journey Continues

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above Review

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above is the second installment to the Fault series. The story continues right after the end of Fault Milestone One, and following the first episode or ‘milestone’ of this series, it’s a linear kinetic visual novel game.

This means there’s no branching stories or multiple endings. And the gameplay is nothing but reading, along with very pretty visuals to look at. Personally, I enjoy reading a good book or two, whenever I’m at home or on the go. And for those looking for a good and compelling visual novel story, Fault Milestone Two Side:Above delivers it.

For those who have yet to play the first installment of the Fault series, you may want to read up on my review about it first. As this review will contain minor spoilers in regards to it, and I suggest you get the first installment before getting Fault Milestone Two Side:Above. Because you won’t know how Selphine and her entourage get to where they are now in the story. Here’s the link to my review of Fault Milestone One. Enjoy.

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above
Fault Milestone Two Side:Above | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

Just like in Fault Milestone One review, I won’t be covering the events occur in Fault Milestone Two Side:Above. As it would be a major spoiler to the story and plot.


The story continues right at the end of Fault Milestone One, where our bubbly princess, Selphine, and her entourage, Ritona and Rune, encounters Melano. One of the masterminds responsible for the attack at the capital of Rughzenhaide. Don’t worry if you can’t recall the events that transpire in the previous game. As Fault Milestone Two give a brief recap and summary of what happened during the first few minutes into the game.

With Melano obstructing your journey back home, it caused princess Selphine to a state of shock and panic, making her lose her conscious. This in turn trigger a condition called the ‘Empress Syndrome’. The now unconscious Selphine is being replace by one of her ancestor, Empress Rhegan. A ruthless queen that make the country Rughzenhaide what she becomes today. Before the state where the capital got destroyed.

Will the mighty queen be able to turn things around, or is this the end of our heroine’s journey?

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above
Fault Milestone Two Side:Above | ALICE IN DISSONANCE


As I mentioned earlier, Fault Milestone Two Side:Above is a kinetic visual novel game. Unlike other visual novel game, there isn’t an option to select different choices which then leads to a different path. You will read a story as to how the developer wants it to be told. And to tell you the truth, I like the story and am looking forward to its continuation.

The translation is translated to British English if anyone finds it to be a concern. And being able to switch languages with a hotkey is extremely convenient. You don’t have to go to the options menu whenever you want to switch to your preferred language.

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above
Fault Milestone Two Side:Above | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

I find this to be a quality-of-life improvement. This improvement allows you to switch between languages with ease. Enabling you to learn or improve in another language. Provided that you have a solid fundamental of said language.

I switch from English to Japanese from time to time. Trying to improve my Japanese by learning new kanji and also remembering the ones I know. Allowing my linguistic skills to improve albeit slowly.

Fault Milestone Two Side:Above
Fault Milestone Two Side:Above | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

Visuals & Sound

The art has improved along with a better animation visual. It’s a pretty game to look at, bringing the world that the developer wants to describe to be a visual treat for the eyes. There’s more music variety to listen as you play the game and it matches the atmosphere of the story greatly.

The downside of this visual novel is that it’s possible to finish under 3hours if you’re a fast reader. Despite its short playtime, I find the asking price to be reasonable, as I believe the visuals, animation and story quality is up to par against other well known visual novel titles. You are always welcome to get it at a discount if you disagree with me. I’m looking forward to Fault Milestone 2 Side:Below.


Fault Milestone Two Side: Above is a must get for those who have already played the first installment. And to those who haven’t, the Fault series is a good start for you to get into the visual novel genre.

Platform: PC (Windows, Linux & OS X)
Publisher: Sekai Project
Rating: Amazing (92 out of 100)
Hours Played: 9hrs

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