Fault – Milestone One Review – Entry To VN Games

Fault - Milestone One Review

The acronym VN, refers to visual novel. And Fault – Milestone One is a visual novel game. A type of game that primarily involves reading. Lots and lots of reading. Just like an actual novel. The difference? A visual novel is like a picture book, but in the form of a game.

Fault Milestone One is a kinetic novel. A linear story experience with no narrative experience or gameplay choices. Throughout my playthrough of this game, there’s only an instance when the player will be given a choice selection. But it doesn’t cause any major changes to its plot or ending.

You will follow along the adventures of Selphine, a happy-go-lucky bubbly princess of Rughzenhaide, and Ritona, her ever so serious retainer, as they try to make their way back home. They were forced to escape during a sudden and devastating attack on their beloved homeland. But they ended up teleported to an unknown part of the world.

Fault – Milestone One | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

During their plight, they befriended a local by the name of Rune. With her aid, they were able to get their bearings and prepare for the return journey. Will they be able to return back to their home country safely?

Personal Opinion

Fault is a series of science fantasy novel with Milestone One being the first of its chapter. It has a strong element in both world building and the characters that live within it. The dialogue is well written and easily portray the personalities of the characters in that world.

Fault – Milestone One | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

The music and art style is great, with the music matches the atmosphere of the dialogue perfectly.

The downside of this is that it’s relatively short for a visual novel game. It can easily be done within 2 hours if you’re a fast reader. Unlike most visual novel, there’s no replayability value with this game, unless you would like to play it in another language. As it’s a linear story with no multiple ending. Despite that, I’m looking forward to the continuation of Selphine and her adventures. Hoping she will get back home.

Fault – Milestone One | ALICE IN DISSONANCE

I will buy the next chapter of the series.


Fault Milestone One is great entry level into the visual novel genre. For those that enjoy visual novel games, this is a good novel to be a part of your collection.

Platform: PC (Windows, Linux & OS X), PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita
Publisher: Sekai Project
Rating: Great (85 out of 100)
Hours Played: 5hr

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