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It’s been a year since I last played Destiny 2 and even then my total played time doesn’t exceed 10 hours. So when I heard the news that Destiny 2 is coming to Steam in its entirety, my immediate course of action is to transfer Destiny 2 to Steam. And ever since its induction to Steam, my experience with it can be described in two words, painful and confusing.

It’s painful. As when I returned to Destiny 2, the recommended power rating that you’re required to have before you can do any activity in Destiny 2 is 750 – the previous max cap for power rating. And being less than a casual player before the transfer, my power rating is less than 400. With that being said, a stray shot will kill me instantly whenever I traverse on any of the planet surface and the fact that all of the enemies are immune to my shots, due to the major difference in power rating, makes my returning experience in Destiny 2 to be an unpleasant one.

You can easily guess what I did for the next few hours. I leached off other players, especially in strikes mission; as it’s a guaranteed method for me to obtain better gear. For once I felt like an NPC. Hiding behind cover and taking potshots at the enemies while doing barely any damage and also my best to not get instantly killed by them. Hell, I might be even lower than an NPC cannon fodder! At least they don’t get killed within a shot!

Destiny 2 Super-saiyan
Destiny 2 | Bungie

Despite my perilous circumstances, I was totally immersive in my role as an NPC and I was using this time to remember the skills I have as a Titan. Throwing out grenade right after its cooldown is over and charging recklessly just to set the enemy ablaze with my punch, but only to deal zero-damage and die after that. But the most epic failure of all is to go into a super-Saiyan mode and get swatted like a fly.

Looking back at it, it was a fun yet frustrating experience. And now that I was able to raise my power rating to the minimum requirement, I can finally enjoy the various activities Destiny 2 has to offer. From going on an adventure to spontaneously doing a public event, the amount of activities Destiny 2 has are aplenty. If PvE isn’t your cup of tea, there’s PvP and PvPvE in the form of crucible and gambit respectively.

The healthy amount of content in Destiny 2 signify the various options you have to grind for that glorious loot. And by adding bounty on top of those options, it slightly alters your playstyle while rewarding you with a minor incentive for completing it. It may task you with killing 25 number of enemies with a sword or complete 3 strikes mission. Regardless of the task, bounty changes on a daily and weekly basis.

Destiny 2 Bounty
Destiny 2 | Bungie

Now that Destiny 2 has moved over to Steam, is there any difference after the move? Yes, there is.

The gameplay experience and mechanics that you know and love(or hate) in Destiny 2 are still the same, but the business model has now changed to free-to-play. And this fundamental change in business model may have geared Destiny 2 in the direction of pay-to-win territory, although not as blatantly obvious as other AAA titles out there.

Exotic grade equipment is the highest grade equipment in Destiny 2, right after legendary grade, and the way to obtain them is through completing the campaign quest – besides from killing enemy mobs which have an obviously low drop rate. But with the change in business model, you can no longer obtain exotic grade equipment from completing the campaign quest. Those exotic grade equipment are now locked behind the Forsaken DLC and buying it will give you access to missions that will drop those exotic grade equipment.

Destiny 2 Forsaken DLC
Come and get your EXOTICS!! Destiny 2 | Bungie

You might argue that this is done as a lure for the free-to-play players to purchase Destiny 2 DLC. But the fact that you used to be able to get exotic grade equipment before the change won’t change.

Destiny 2 uses an ammo system which I find it to be rather peculiar and they are split into 3 different ammo types, kinetic, special and heavy. There are several weapons in Destiny 2 that requires a specific ammo type before it can be used such as shotguns and grenade launchers, which uses special and heavy ammo respectively. These weapons are rather powerful and it’s understandable that such weapons are being restricted through ammo drops, especially heavy ammo weapons; as these weapons are able to instantly kill players in PvP. With that being the case, I find the notion of being spawn with less than 50% for all of your ammo type in any activity, including crucible, to be silly. And even if you went around collecting ammo, you will start with less than 50% when you go to a new area.

Yet what irks me the most is neither the silly ammo system nor Destiny 2 not so blatantly obvious P2W DLC, but it’s the high latency ping I’m experiencing throughout Destiny 2. At the bare minimum, I’m getting 200ms even when I’m visiting the tower to collect my daily bounty. And because of the fact that Destiny 2 is an online-only game, I cannot even play the campaign or any other game mode without experiencing high latency.

But this wasn’t a problem before Destiny 2 move to Steam. You are given the option to select which server you wish to play at back then. But after the move, by default, all of us are connected to the N.A server and if you’re outside the N.A region, you can expect to experience a high latency game throughout your playthrough.

I have no shadow of a doubt that by moving Destiny 2 to Steam and changing its business model, Destiny 2 is doing its best to alter its destiny. But I do not know if placing equipment that was obtainable before behind a paywall and forcing everyone to play on an N.A server is the way to go about it.

Platform: PC(played), PlayStation4 & Xbox One
Publisher: Bungie
Developer: Bungie
Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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