Dead Cells Tips On How To Survive

Dead Cells Tips

Dead Cells is an exacting game and despite dying numerous times, deep within your subconscious, you would tell yourself that you will perform better for the next playthrough. I don’t blame you, as I too fall for the faintest of hope that I can go further than my previous run. Only stopping when I feel dead. By now, you would have noticed what sort of game and experience Dead Cells is. And to make it more on point, the developers had made a short anime’s trailer for it. Here take a look.

Here are my few tips to help you survive longer.

Priority Upgrade Unlock

When you meet the Collector for the first time, there are plenty of upgrades for you to choose from. From new weapons and skills to general improvement, you’re practically spoilt for choice. Despite the abundance of options, your primary priority of increasing your survivability is to unlock the ‘Health Potion’.

As the name suggests, it’s a consumable item that allows you to recover your health. The health recovered is of a sizeable amount, making it a vital unlock to get right at the start. And with every upgrade of the ‘Health Potion’ the number of its usage increase.

Dead Cells Tips
Dead Cells | Motion Twin

Learn To Roll

Never underestimate the ability to roll. It allows you to avoid physical harm, save a little bit of time and not stun you from falling at tall heights. Though it requires great precision in timing to accomplish that.

Dead Cells | Motion Twin

Various Way To Stun

Other than the obvious stun grenade, you should know through your run that you can stun your enemies that are behind the door by smashing it open. Be it rolling through or blasting it apart. But did you know you can stun them with jumping? The key for it is to press the key that makes you go down and jump key at the same time in midair.

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Stun weapons

Wait a minute, there’s a stun weapon? Yup, that’s right, there is a few of them, but they do exist. And no, the stun grenade doesn’t count. The Nutcracker will 100% stun an enemy whose health that is more than 75%. But other heavy weapons such as the Broadsword has a hidden chance value to trigger it. This provide you a slight boost in surviving a fight as you will be able to kill the enemies first and not the other way around.

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Go slow

It won’t hurt you to go slow. It pays to be patient at times in Dead Cells. Providing a window of opportunity to run past the enemy or an opening to strike the enemy first. But if you’re aiming to enter the timed door, you gotta go fast instead.

Ignoring the enemy

Remember using the phrase ‘talk to the hand’ when you’re being all sassy and whatnot. Ignoring people whom you want to avoid a conversation with or annoyed mid-sentences? You can do the same here, but instead of talking to the hand, let your enemies talk the trail of dust you left behind. As you got better things to do besides engaging in a one-sided massacre, with you being on the receiving end. Ignoring a cursed chest is a viable option too. Not all chest is meant to be open.

With this few tips, I hope you can survive longer in Dead Cells. Good luck!

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