CS:GO is now free to play!


For those who ain’t willing to spend money to get Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, would like to give it a try or have been VAC-ban due to your continuous used of hacks, rejoice! As CS:GO is now free to play!

The change in its business model is pretty clearcut. CS:GO is now free to play, and it doesn’t limit any of its game modes to the free-to-play players. So what does this entail for the players that have already purchased CS:GO before it goes free-to-play, as well as for those that got it for free?

For those that have bought CS:GO, your status is now being elevated to a ‘Prime’ player and for the latter you’re a non-‘Prime’ player. There’s no major difference in terms of access you have in the game modes you can play, but the cosmetic reward you get after a match is over will be restricted. ‘Prime’ players will get a ‘Prime-exclusive’ cosmetic rewards and a ‘Prime’ only matchmaking pool, and if you feel like upgrading yourself to be a ‘Prime’ player, all you have to do is to spend 15USD for it.

CS:GO Prime skin
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | Valve

In my opinion, if you’ve decided to not throw 15USD for getting a ‘Prime’ status, you won’t lose out much if you’re in it just for the gameplay or only trying it out to see if it’s your cup of tea. And if you do think of getting ‘Prime’ status for the ‘Prime-exclusive’ cosmetic, you would be better off buying it from the Steam market than depending on the random chance that it may drop after every match. As there is a very large pool of cosmetic items in CS:GO, the chances of you getting the gun skin you want is abysmally small unless you’re extremely lucky.

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