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Battletech Review

Other than knowing I have played a game called MechWarrior Online for a brief period of time, I know next to nothing in regards to the universe the game is set in or any of its franchise. But I do know what I love. Giant robots, a good story, strategy, and management games. Battletech have all of that what I love, and it is great.

You’re the commander of a mercenary company along as the captain of the Argo. A mobile base that was lost prior to the Amaris Civil War. Your job is to keep your company at combat-ready status at all times. Until you receive a summon order for your service, you’re free to take up other mercenary contracts.

Negotiating for a favorable term is par for the course of a commander. Getting the maximum amount of money or salvageable components from the contract is beneficial for the company logistics. But it’s impossible to negotiate for the best of both world. Depending on the contract, your client will pay for your transport fees if you’re required to travel to the system where the mission is located at. From the wording of the contract and number of skulls, one can anticipate the difficulty of the mission and the kind of enemy units you will be up against.

Stealing Is A Form Of Flattery
Battletech | Harebrained Schemes

Down at the mission site, the enemy is hidden within the fog of war. You can’t see them and they can’t see you. But then again, you’re up against A.I, and we all know how ‘honest’ the eyes of the A.I are. You can move your mech in any order until enemy contact. You enter in combat phase immediately upon hostile contact and the mechs with higher initiatives will get to move first.

Battles are fought in turn; with the mech with a higher initiative move first. There are multiple ways to render the enemy combat ineffective :

  • Destroy both the mech legs
  • Incapacitate the mech pilot
  • Or destroy the center torso

Once every single enemy is dead, the mission is accomplished. Though there are missions where the enemy is tougher than yours, you’re compelled to make the decisions to withdraw from the mission. Doing so will have a negative reputation impact on your company and any damages sustained during the mission will retain even with the withdrawal orders. Hence repair cost will still incur.

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After doing enough side mission, you will receive a summon order. You may choose to put it on hold to do other mission and strengthen your forces or do it immediately in order to progress the story. Either way, you will still need money to make your company stay afloat.

Personal Opinion

Battletech is a turn-based strategy game with a mixed of management in it. With the right execution, the combination of these genres makes a game that’s worth to sink your time into. Especially when it is back by a great story.

Fans of HareBrained Schemes will be pleased to know that the game has an amazing storytelling, just like the Shadowrun series. It’s a follow up of an event after the separation of the Star League. A powerful force formed by multiple Houses coming together for a better universe. But now, that force no longer exists and every house is in it for themselves in this vast expanse of space.

Battles can last between 15-60mins as you would like to be meticulous with your action during combat. As the higher the skull a contract has the more challenging it can be. Losing a rare weapon is somewhat fine, but the death of an experience mech warrior pilot is a painful loss.

To truly own the battlefield, you must know the difference between the enemy capabilities and yours. As every battle is a challenge. You won’t know what the enemy will throw at you or their numbers. Picking off the right targets will provide more space and a breathing room and precisely disabling the enemy weaponry with Precision Strike will lessen the enemy firepower, if they can’t be killed outright.

Battletech | Harebrained Schemes

Battletech is a great time sinker due to both its story and combat. You would want to have the best weapons and mech before doing the story mission. As the story mission is just as challenging or even harder than the normal contract mission. With the possibility of your pilots being injured every fight, or even die, a good amount of time is spent training your pilots whenever your veterans pilot are injured.

The only gripe I have for this game is that the loading time is slow. The load time in between mission is long, but that is to be expected when loading a save file, not before and after a mission. I hope the load time can improve as time goes by.


Battletech is a great game to play for those that enjoy strategy or looking for a great story. An amazing time sinker, that the review for this game takes longer than normal. As I enjoyed playing and I keep on telling myself, just one more mission.

Platform: PC (Windows, Linux, Mac Os)
Publisher: Paradox Interactive
Developer: Hairbrained Schemes
Rating: Great (84 out of 100)
Hours Played: 54 hrs

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<Update 17/05/18> A guide to help manage your BattleTech finances can be read here.

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