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I enjoyed playing BattleTech, and after putting close to a hundred hour into the game, I’ve decided to make a guide. I hope this logistic guide will help in your BattleTech playthrough. If you haven’t read my review for Battletech, you can read them here.

This is a guide that focuses on keeping your monthly upkeep as low as possible and touch upon logistic matters such as contract, mechwarrior and ship facilities.


Contracts are essential to your company logistics, as it’s your main source of income and battlemech. Without it, it is hard for the company to remain afloat based on the priority mission(story mission) rewards alone or get better and stronger mech units. I will explain when it’s good to get the maximum amount of money, salvage, and reputation.

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C-Bills: It is always good to have money, especially surplus. Giving you a powerful amount of spending power, allowing you to buy those ++ or +++ weapons you see on display in the system shop. Or unlocking a new ship facility in the Argo. Anyway, more is good.

Personally, I would always go for the max C-Bill reward when it is over a $1,000,000 reward; especially when that amount is given over the completion of a 2.5 skull contract. Even if it’s not over that amount, but $100k lesser than $1,000,000, I would still select the maximum amount of C-Bill reward. Easiest money to be earned when you have both good mechwarrior and battlemechs.

Salvage: The cheapest and fastest way to earn yourself both good battlemech and weapon. With that being said, the higher the skull, the better are your chances to obtain better battlemech and ++ weapons. Cheap and fast, but not easy. And when I say cheap, I meant your battlemech repair cost after contract. The repair cost is definitely cheaper than buying those ++ weapons and battlemech.

When the contract is offering a guaranteed 5 salvage parts to pick after the contract is completed, it is best to select the maximum salvage reward. Especially on a 4 skulls contract or higher. The fastest way to get those assault mech and a good ++ weapons.

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Reputation: Maximum reputation is best being selected when doing a 2.5 skull or lower. The increase in max reputation reward isn’t much on a higher skull rating contract.

During the early stages of the game, when you’re still using both light and medium mech during a contract, I recommend getting the max reputation. Or when you’re running mostly heavy and assault battlemech. As the risk-reward for the reputation at a higher skull difficulty is not worth the effort.

At the end of the day, which maximum reward you select is based on your need.


The men that pilot your battlemech. The men that complete the contract for you. The men whom you must pay every month and they are expensive. A good mechwarrior with decent stats and a skill or two that you see in the hiring hall will cost a decent amount of upfront payment along with a monthly fee. And a recruit that has the bare minimum stats, are cheaper to hire and maintain.

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For a single point that has been added to the MechWarrior attributes, the monthly hiring cost will increase by $1,000. Comparing a skilled MechWarrior that already has a total of 14 points in its attributes at the initial hiring rate along with a monthly fee of $28,000 to a fresh recruit, who has a total of 9 points in attribute with a monthly fee of $18,000, a recruit is cheaper to hire in the long run.

The downside in hiring a recruit is the amount of time needed to turn it to a skill mechwarrior. But you will save more money in the future and keep the monthly upkeep as low as possible.

Mech Bay

I confess. I have a sense of pride whenever I see my prized mech stand side by side in the Mech Bay. Even when I don’t use them. As I stood in front the rows of battlemech, a tear comes off from my eyes. Ah, the maintenance cost to keep these battlemechs in the mech bay cost me a bomb.

Keep a minimum of 4 battlemech with 2 more in reserve. The reserve battlemech serve as a replacement whenever your main battlemech is being repaired. In this manner, you can keep on taking contracts on the same system over and over again without letting time pass. And allowing your reserve mechwarrior has a chance to take the field and earn some experience, should your main mechwarrior get injured.

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Hence, keep the rest of the unused battletech in storage. This is so you won’t incur the maintenance cost of that battletech. But before you put them in your storage, I recommend stripping them off their equipment. As I tend to sell extra battlemech that I have already collected and their stripped equipment allow you to net that extra C-Bills.

Ship Facilities

There are a lot of ship facilities to get. But among them, the most critical to get is the medical and mech bay facility and its upgrade. Getting those will reduce the amount of time needed to repair and outfit your battlemech, and your mechwarrior being in the medical Bay.

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Recreation facilities provide an abysmal amount increase in morale. It increases your current morale value and not your base morale value. It a way it doesn’t seem to be worth the cost if your morale is already at the maximum, but it does unlock more random event that will occur as the Argo flying from system to system. These events normally end up on a positive note. Such as increasing your morale or making your MechWarriors in high spirits.

There are also training pods to get. These pods provide constant exp to your mechwarrior when time passes by. The amount you get is little to the point that it could ignore. I wouldn’t be able to wholeheartedly recommend getting this facility, as it’s expensive to get and maintained, but it does provide exp to everyone.


This is where you can select which system to go to manually. Every system has their own traits and it indicates the system wealth and technology level. From the traits, you could expect what kind of system you’re traveling to. My recommended traits to look for when going shopping: Research, Former Star League Presence, Rich, and Manufacturing. These traits increase the chance of you seeing a ++ weapon in the store or if you’re lucky enough, an assault battlemech.

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The better your reputation is with a faction the more benefits you get from them. You will get discount for shopping in their territory and a slight bonus in contract reward. The best benefits of having a good reputation with a faction is that they will grant you higher difficulty contracts. These contracts are generally 4.5skulls or higher. And by doing these contracts, you will face assault battlemech. Be prepared, as they come in a lance, and they are not alone.

I hope this guide will provide some insight and help you with your playthrough. If you have any question or require help, you’re welcome to contact me on Twitter or leave a comment below. And do consider following me here or on Twitter to show support for my work.

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