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Battle Chef Brigade

Should Battle Chef Brigade exist in the land of Eos, it is without a doubt that Ignis would be at the top percentile of the Brigade. His combat skills and ingenious use of wildlife ingredients to create new recipe even when handling it for the first time, easily place him in the cream of the crop within the Battle Chef Brigade. But alas, there is no greater honour than being by the side of the king.

Battle Chef Brigade is an indie 2D action platformer and a match 3 game, while at the same time, being the home to the elite warrior-cum-chef battle chef. In the land of Victusia, many races live in harmony due to the mass amount of monster sprawling throughout the land. Sparing the many races no time and effort to needlessly worry about petty racial differences. Surprisingly enough, orcs are not classified as a monster. Intriguing.


You play as a young woman name Mina Han. A hardworking woman with an adventurous spirit. Entering the Battle Chef Brigade have been her life goal and considered it to be her ideal form of success. Despite helping to run her family restaurant in a town called Windy Village, she hungers for more out of her ordinary life.

After countless night of training with the help of her sister, which ends up with Mina developing a habit to oversleep, she is ready to take part in the Battle Chef Brigade tournament. No longer letting her dreams be dreams. She is going to make it into a reality.

Mina Han Running Away
Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios

Mina isn’t the only one eyeing for a place within the brigade. Thrash, an orc with a heart of gold, has set his target on joining the brigade. This is so he could help protect his family and tribe. And Kirin, an elf with a kind soul, would like to advance the world cuisine into new heights.

Despite being fierce rivals during the tournament cook-off, a friendship that will last a lifetime is formed during the course of the event. And it is this friendship that will aid them in uncovering a sinister plot that’s is unfolding in the lands of Victusia.


On a typical day, Mina wakes up late as usual and heads out to do some minor errand before choosing her competitor to compete in the Battle Chef Brigade tournament cook-off. Although it’s possible to ignore the errand entirely, earning some coins by the side allows you to better prepare yourself before proceeding with the cook-off. Providing you with a light warm-up while polishing your hunting and cutlery skills before the main course.

With the master of ceremonies that exude a majestic flair, he declares the theme ingredient for the cook-off. Failing to incorporate the theme ingredient will result in a heavy penalty of points. Not to mention that your dishes are being tested by a panel of judges that has their own taste preference. It will take a certain amount of ingenuity to mix the ingredients together and suit each of the judges tastes buds.

Battle Chef Brigade Theme Ingredient
Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios

You will spend half of your time hunting and the other half cooking. Each of the ingredients you obtained from the monster you hunted has their primary dominant element. Such as the ingredients obtained from a dragon contain mostly fire element and ingredients from a Caranha contain a mixture of water and earth. Knowing the taste buds of the judges and the theme ingredient will ultimately make you a selective hunter. Selectively procuring ingredients that contain the elements the judges desire.

As much as you would love to keep on hunting until you got enough to provide an entire town, the clock is ticking and you best get cooking with what you have hunted. Combining the various ingredients together and aligning 3 of the same element will result in a fusion. Promoting it to a higher level element which in turn improving the ‘taste’ of the dish. Once you’re satisfied with your creation, you are to hand it in for judgement.

Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios

Failing on the first attempt of the cook-off is normal. Although you were given 9 options to help you prepare before the cook-off, you won’t know the judges taste until then. You may bring two saucepan that help promotes fire and earth elements at the cause of 2 instead of the usual 3, with a drawback of unable to promote other elements, and a chopping board, the judges may want a dish that contains only water or a mixture water and earth.

This will inevitably end with you failing. With the knowledge you gain from defeat, you’re now better prepared for it. Switching out your skills and pans that are more appropriate for the current cook-off.

Combat is simple and straightforward. You don’t have to randomly smash the keys to pull off a wonderful combo. Though it is few, the combo is easy to master, allowing you to kill your hunt with relative ease.

Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios

Visuals & Sounds

Battle Chef Brigade is a charming indie game. Its 2D animation that showcases the characters expression during conversation feels fluid and natural, despite it being a static frame. It’s really impressive in all honesty.

Most of the characters in Battle Chef Brigade are voice acted, and the performance of the voice actors is simply fabulous. You can tell from their tone the kind of character that the actors/actresses are portraying as. Like Mina Han, a young energetic woman that’s full of spirit, and Belchior, a researcher that is just old.

Battle Chef Brigade
Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios

The game is not without its flaws though. I like the idea of hunting your game and serve the best dish you can create out of it. But not knowing about judges taste without partaking in the cook-off at least once, is not. More often than not, my cook-off result ends in a failure due to me bringing the inappropriate tools for the match.

The cutscenes in the game are not skippable either. Even though the story and the voice actors are captivating, I would like the option of skipping through the scenes that have already been seen before and not seeing it in its entirety over again.

There’s a daily challenge for the players to dabble their hands on besides going through the story. Giving the players a random set of skills and tools for a cook-off with a competent A.I. And the result of your battle will be compared to the other battle chef that is station around the globe.

Battle Chef Brigade Daily Challenges
Battle Chef Brigade | Trinket Studios


I don’t particularly like match 3 games, but Battle Chef Brigade is an exception in my book. It’s a captivating story makes you want to cheer for its protagonist and see her adventures to its end.

Platform: PC (Windows), Nintendo Switch
Publisher: Trinket Studios
Developer: Adult Swim Games
Rating: Good (74 out of 100)
Hours Played: 12hrs

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