Battle Brothers Review: Fortune Favours The Bold

Battle Brothers Review

We were ambushed. My battle brothers, dead. I saw the look of my Captain that told me, you’re the captain now, before he was slain. The man that slew my captain turned tail, but leave a few men behind to clean the leftovers. Today shall not be the day that I fall, till I slay the bastard that did this to the company. I will not rest.

A bolt soared through the air and hit the bandit, but that wasn’t enough to kill him. My crossbowman loaded another bolt while me and another of my brother gang up on another bandit that extended to far from each other. We took a swing at him and managed to kill him. Another bolt fly through the air and this time, killing the bandit that he is targeting. The crossbowman reposition himself to a better firing spot as to avoid a friendly fire. We manage to surround the last bandit and kill him.

Picking up loot that seems useable yet broken and spoils from the battle, we march back to town to report our progress. I meet up with the local village leader and give our report. Despite being unable to accomplish what we were hired to do, we still get paid for our service. He asked us if we will be on our way or keen on revenge to the bandit leader that make ruin to this company. I graciously accept his proposal for revenge. Until the local leader tracked down the whereabouts of that bandit leader, I headed to the nearest stronghold hoping to find men of skill to join our company.

Battle Brothers | Overhype Studios

But alas, only fools were left that’s willing to join the company for what meagre pay I’m able to offer. Ohh how the mighty have fallen. Dry gains were bought and with that, the company has a week’s worth of food. Equipping the newly hired men with the repaired loot and newly bought cheap equipment, it’s barely enough to replace our once glorious company. But it is enough to slay the bastard that caused our company ruined.

A letter from the local village leader come to my attention. He had found the hideout of the bandit leader. Wash your neck clean you swine, as the Widowmaker is coming to get you.

Personal Opinion

Now if you can’t stand the loss of your men after pouring in, both time and effort, random number generation or RNG for short or a combination of both, this game is definitely not for you. There’s a tutorial in the game, but it’s in the form of YouTube videos.

Battle Brothers is a turn-based strategy game on a random generated seed with hexagonal tile movement and combat. There are two forms of combat, physical and logistics. The first form is pretty obvious, you hit the guy with your weapon till he is dead. Though it’s simple, at times it can be seriously frustrating that it can make you go bald. Simple in a sense that you line up your men against the enemy and duke it out. Frustrating due to its RNG. Despite having a hit chance of 80% most often the strikes will miss and any strike done be the enemy can sometimes land a critical hit and killing your men instantly, even with a low hit chance. This occurs pretty most of the time that I couldn’t laugh it off anymore.

Battle Brothers | Overhype Studios

There is a lot of weapons available to equip your men and the type of weapon equip have its own strength. An axe allows you to break enemies shield easier or a cleaver that has a chance for decapitation when the enemy is low on health. Armour gives your men protection from damage and until it’s durability reaches zero, it will tank the damage instead of your health. Unless you’re struck by a weapon that ignores armour.

Logistics combat is having a good management of your company financial situation and also being able to cope for the unexpected. Would you spend that money on hiring a more capable sellsword in your company or buying better equipment for your average joe of a fighter. Are you properly stocked up on food and without returning to camp for days, able to hunt down your target before your men desert you from hunger? Is the quest rewarding enough to break even after considering the cost of food, tools and medicine for your company or in the worst case, death of one your men.

Combination of these two form of combat brings upon you to take a risk, a gamble, and the payment for it would potentially be your life. This game is not for the weak hearted and people that aren’t willing to take a risk. As the saying goes, fortune favours the bold.


A game which combat system heavily leans on RNG. Not recommended for those unable to stand RNG otherwise it’s a great turn-based strategy, mercenary simulation game.

Platform: Pc (Windows)
Publisher: Overhype Studios
Developer: Overhype Studios
Rating: Great (81 out of 100)
Hours Played:  58hrs

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