Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review – A Surprisingly Compelling Story RPG

Azure Saga: Pathfinder Review

To be honest, I expect nothing much out of Azure Saga from my first impression of it. Other than its good looking art, I thought its combat and story would be average. With only a few hours or at most around 10 hours of planned gameplay, never did I expect to find a compelling story lay hidden underneath its simplicity. Wanting me to clear the story before writing this review.

The story is easy and simple to understand, using neither big words nor having complicated twist. Its allurement towards the players lies behind the veil of mystery. Compelling the players to proceed further with the game just to know the outcome of Synch and his adventures.

The combat is like an old-school JRPG-style turn-based combat (Japanese Role Playing Game), where your team will strike the enemy first and followed by the enemy turn next. Unless they have the jump on you. All combat encounters are random except for predetermined combat events.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder | MassHive Media

Personal Opinion

Azure Saga is a simple JRPG with a compelling story accompanied by both good soundtrack and art. Though I like both its soundtrack and art style initially, I stayed for its story. Other than these, there’s nothing that’s really noteworthy.

Its user interface isn’t properly flushed out and there is some aspect of the game make it feel slightly clunky. The options menu is subpar as you aren’t able to select the option to play in other modes besides fullscreen and also no way to adjust the volume of the game within the game itself.

There’s nothing to write home for the combat. Though it’s unique combat mechanic, Unity Skill, is supposed to be the limelight of the combat mechanic, it is slightly disappointing. It’s a mechanic when your character executes their skills, it will merge to form a single powerful skill with debuff on its target. The combination of skill that can form a unity skill isn’t many and the execution of it only occurs if the characters are in a predetermined position, even after its discovery. Without the help of the community – players that have painstakingly done trial and error on which combination trigger a unity skill – its a chore trying to discover the combination for it.

Azure Saga: Pathfinder | MassHive Media

A certain level of grinding can be expected as its the norm for a RPG title to have and this can be offset by exploring every nook and cranny of the area. As after exploring every location in the area before heading to for the main quest objective, the amount of combat encounter occurs should be enough to raise your characters level to challenge the boss fight. Boss fight can be a challenge while at certain times it can feel slightly frustrating due to its ridiculous permanent buff that the bosses have and its skill set.


Azure Saga is an average game coupled with a nice art, good soundtrack and a decent story that allures you, should you be able to get pass it’s slightly clunky user interface.

Platform: Pc (Windows, Mac OS)
Publisher: MassHive Media
Developer: MassHive Media
Rating: Good (65 out of 100)
Hours Played: 21hrs

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