Hello there, the name’s Zephyr. Or that’s what I call myself. I’m a working adult who spent most of his time unwinding with video games. They are my primary form of entertainment and medium to stay connected with my friends that I’ve made throughout my gaming life. This site will primarily be me reviewing games on the PC platform that I have played. In this current age where the gaming popularity is on the rise, there are many new gamers or potential ones that keen to get into the gaming culture. Ranging from the toddlers to even working adults, gaming is a form of entertainment that appeals for everyone.

My review will be focusing on the game mechanics and express in a way that even if you just started to game, may understand and what to be expected from the game. I will do my best to avoid spoiling the story of the game and also avoiding reference to gaming culture or meme. Or do my best to resist the temptation of referring to it cause it’s just too perfect of an opportunity. Also scrutinised the execution of the game or the idea the game try to convey.

My goal is to make my review easy to read and understand to those who just started gaming or those finding a new title to enjoy. I’m doing this as a hobby and I enjoy it. Hopefully one day, I can turn this hobby of mine into a full-fledge career, where I can cover even more games or game related activities.

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Here’s my personal rating score that I will be using in my review:

Amazing (90-100)
Great (76-89)
Good (60-75)
OK (50-59)
Poor (40-49)
Bad (30-39)
Horrible (0-29)