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1BIT CASTLE is the start of a one man’s journey into the world of game development and the premise of 1BIT CASTLE is nothing but a simple tower defence game.  Although it may not be an awe-inspiring indie title such as Undertale or Stardew Valley, everyone has to start somewhere, no matter how small the step it maybe.1BIT CASTLE Review –

There are 4 different units to hire and defend your castle from the incoming 1bit monstrosity that is coming to raid your treasury for loot. Yet these monsters have decent etiquette and will start their assault only when you’re ready to face them. How nice of them.

You start with a handful of blood and it is used as a currency to hire knights and mages to defend your castle. And you can procure more of it by killing the incoming monsters.

Now, despite the simplicity of such a game, I find 1bit castle to be under-polished and it’s a bit frustrating to play. 

The blood dropped by the enemy doesn’t automatically go into your war chest, but instead, you’re needed to click on them first. I can understand the intention of putting such a gimmick into an already simple game such as to make it more ‘difficult’ and gives players something to do. But making the blood evaporated within a few seconds if you don’t click on them makes your effort in slaying monsters to be both pointless and frustrating. This is especially so when multiple monsters die simultaneously while getting breached at the same time.

1BIT CASTLE stronger wave
1BIT CASTLE | Kantal

The monster has an increase in vitality with every new wave, but the amount of blood they drop remains stagnant. Even if you killed a monster who is tougher than the others, all of them drop the same amount. I would normally cheer in such cases, but the strength of your units is stagnant throughout the game and there is no way to upgrade them. I cannot help but think that 1BIT CASTLES is an unwinnable game.

Although 1BIT CASTLE is a simple tower defence game, it’s simplicity will cause its ruination due to the lack of proper execution. But if 1BIT CASTLE given a little more polished, I have no doubt it can be a decent game.

Platform: PC(Windows)
Publisher: Kantal
Developer: Kantal
Rating: 5.5 out of 10

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